May 11, 2021

See the incredible beauty of New York's Finger Lakes region | LOCALS. | Travel + Leisure

the Finger Lakes is one of the mostbeautiful destinations in the whole worldI've been falling in love with this place my entire life and it continues tosurprise me today I'm going to show you some places that are incredibly specialto me so come on let's go explore my name is Lynn Phillips I run a local blogcalled sriracha says it's all about helping others fall in love withRochester and the Finger Lakes area born and raised in Rochester the Finger Lakeshave always been kind of my second home I came here as a childI got married in the Finger Lakes I have so many memories hiking is one of thebest reasons to visit the Finger Lakes we're here at Grimes gun park in NaplesNew York we're gonna go on a fun accessible hike together the great thing about this hike is thatit's so family friendly the terrain is pretty flat and it's a pretty short hikebut be sure to get your feet wet the real reason you want to come -Grimes lens is because of these waterfalls long before the Finger Lakes startmaking wine they've been growing sweet table grapes for so many yearswe're here at Monica's PI an institution where they make the famous grape pienice hi Monica how are ya good how are you a CEO so I'ma huge fan of your great pies good I've been coming here for years oh thank youI always tell all of my friends that you can't visit the Finger Lakes withoutgoing to Monica's oh they look great pie thank you and then it's nice would youlike to see how we make them I would love to okay let's go now what makes your great pie differentokay this was my mother's idea great piesordinarily are real hard to get down on the bottom the cross and baked in themiddle without the whole thing running over in your oven cuz they're reallyjuicy so she had the idea to make the filling ready to eat and bake the crustso Monica tell me about how you started making these pies well we had somegrapes of our own and I found this shoot I can make a pie I put a picnic tableout there and we sold a lot of pies a year here we are37 years later so I baked the cross yep and then we bake around then you makeyep we make crumb top which is a crumbs that we make here that's old some grahambrown sugar butter and cinnamon go looks so good you know that is delicious good ThankYou Monica for taking me through your pie making I love visiting you in Naplesand I can't wait to come back and visit you again thank you if you're lookingfor the ultimate farming experience there's no lack of options here in theFinger Lakes we decided to go off the beaten path and visit hemlock Ridge Farmthey specialize in everything from dairy to livestock to even flowers so let's gocheck them out hey Jesse hi good I love your farm it'sabsolutely beautiful tell me a little bit about what you guys offer here whatyou grow the first thing we do primarily is for a dairy farm certified organicand a few years ago I got the idea to start a farm store to make our food alittle more accessible to the public but you have these incredible flowers overhere that you specialize in – right this is my favorite part it's like theproduce we do because we all need to eat this speaks to the soul yeah I wouldlove to see where your garden is and pick some flowers with you I'd love that- how did you get into the flower business well really all my life I havegrown flowers in my aunt taught me about decorating and I'm just passionate aboutit gardening is my favorite thing and arranging flowers is even more so here'sthe yellow that looks great with your shirt making my own little bouquet overhere I feel lucky that the Finger Lakes is in my backyard and we have thesefarmers who care about the quality and like a sustainability of their practicesthis area is very passionate about good food and good quality and feedingfamilies from the farm so we're thankful to be a small part of that the Finger Lakes are known for theirworld-class wines their Rieslings their diverse team years their Pinot Noirs andwe're here at the winery that sparked the revolution dr.

Constantine Franks hey Megan how's it going in Ulan greatto see you see you thanks for having us absolutely will you tell us what's goingon for this upcoming harvest we're about four weeks out from harvest you can seethese beautiful Chardonnay clusters here so Megan your great-grandfather actuallyplanted these vines right he actually emigrated here from Ukrainehe was a well-respected researcher and scientist so it was thought to be fartoo cold for these very delicate European varieties he was the first tosay actually it's due to a pest and so what he did was he grafted American rootstock which is naturally resistant to this pests joined it together withvanilla the European species and that was really the key to his successbringing these premium varieties to the region my great-grandfather was verygiving with his knowledge the region has really exploded with quality producersand why the Finger Lakes is seen as one of the foremost wine producing regionsin the US so what do you think is the time for tasting I think it is let's godo it so we have our dry Riesling to startRiesling makes up the majority of what we produce so let's have a tasteCheers it's bright and it's impressed briefing is so transparent that minewhere it's grown so that really contributes to a very mineral focus dialvery citric very fresh a lot of great wineries in this region are makingdifferent Reds but this is a unique varietal that you guys have how do youpronounce this one this is called separate it's actually an ancientvariety from Georgia has a very strong spice kind of character and still a niceelegant acidity so it's really our wines very well with different types of foodand this is our brute Rose a pinot noir and also pinot meunier variety fromchampagne and it's actually grown just below us here delicious mmmgoing into the fall I love a nice dry rose a – isn't it exciting time to behere in the fall absolutely breathtaking here especiallythis view because you see you know the reds and the orange and the yellowcolors melding it together well Megan thank you so much for having us I lovedexploring the vineyards with you and tasting your wine it was an absolutepleasure please come back and visit us soon the reason why I love the Finger Lakesis because everything is at your whim watching the fall foliage or exploring anew trail so breathtaking it's a really special place to be in more recent yearsthe Finger Lakes are really making a name for themselves and starting to getthe recognition that they deserve.

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