April 14, 2021


Today is finally the day! after showingyou guys how to make gazpacho and a tortilla española, we are finally goingto make Paella! my name is James I've been cooking professionally as a cheffor many, many years, and in many different countries and many places and if you canthink of one dish, the most famous dish from Spain.

it would have to be paella!but technically and traditionally the paella is from Valencia, it's a city justsouth of Barcelona about four hours in the car and the traditional paella is apaella de montaña or a meat-based paella it's with chicken and also rabbit, we're not going to be making that today, we'regoing to be making a seafood paella and after making hundreds of Paellas fromlittle Paellas to the massive dishes for several hundred people for banquetingand catering.

I can tell you that the recipes in all the places professionallyare always the same.

so today I'm gonna show you how to make a professional paellaa very simple dish, that you can do at home.

However, there are 3 essentialingredients, that you have to have before we start, so before we get going be sureto LIKE the video down below to Subscribe! to the channel and let's getstarted! the first ingredient that we're gonna make is the easiest it's going tobe called ajo perejil it's just parsley, garlic and olive oil.

you'regoing to cut the parsley, you're going to cut the garlic, you're going to puteverything into the blender pour a little bit of oil in and even a littlebit of salt and you're going to blend it very simple and very easy.

The secondingredient is going to be what's called in the houses or sofrito but what wecall professionally in the kitchen marca and this is basically a saucethat we're going to cook beforehand and I'll tell you in a second how to make it.

and then the third ingredient is going to be what they call here fumet.

fumet is a fish stock, now making it professionally the kitchens make iteveryday, from scratch and it's cheap to make but since we want to make thisquick and we don't want to spend a lot of time inkitchen you can just buy some fish stock and I'll give you the recipe down belowif you want to make it yourself in the house.

Now to make the marcar or thesofrito you're gonna need a few peppers, onions, some pimenton which is paprika, and some tomato sauce, which you're also going to add to it, you're going to peeland cut the onions, I'm cutting them small because I don't have a food mill.

this is something that we need to actually to make the sauce properly butif you don't have itm you should cut the onions and cut all the ingredients aboutthis size like I'm showing you.

once you have everything cut, you're going to getthe pan hot, add a little bit of oil to it, a little more oil than you normallywould we're going to fry, then take the onionsyou're going to saute for about two maybe three minutes, then you're going totake the peppers and put them in the pot and you're going to keep cooking thisfor about ten to fifteen minutes, after the color of the vegetables has changedthen you're going to add the tomato sauce and a little bit of salt, afterabout 15 to 20 more minutes it should be about 30 minutes in total, it should bethis consistency, as you can see the sauce has reduced, the water hasevaporated, it's darker, because we've been cooking it, so the flavor hasintensified which is what we want, now if you have a food mill you're going topour it into the mill and pass it, if you don't like me, you're going to take thehand blender, if you have one, or a normal blender, and I'm just gonna give it a fewzaps, it's not going to be the exact same as using a food mill, but it's closeenough and it's very easy to make.

now that we have the ajo perejil we have thesofrito or the marca and we have the fumet and well I bought the fumet, so Ihave that ready already.

now we're going to prep the seafood and then we're goingto cook! all right now for the prawns or the shrimp, I'm just going to take thetentacles off and the legs, it's going to be more of a peel and eat type dish if you pull these out, you're going topull the entire section of the shrimp out, so the best way to do it is to justcut them.

just like this, now to cut the calamari for the paella.

I'm going to cut these in strips, so I'm gonna cut down the middle and if it's alittle dirty as this one is.

I'm going to give it another wash, okay once that'swashed I'm just gonna cut these in strips, then you're going to line them upand cut sideways and now you have little pieces of calamari.

now we're ready tocook! I'm gonna do a quick overview to help you guys, so first and foremost wehave the Paella dish and mine is a little smaller it's only for about two people.

nextwe have weighed the rice you're going to be using bomba rice and I have the listdown below the weights that you're going to use per person.

then we have the ajo perejil, which is the green sauce.

the sofrito or the marca which is the redsauce.

that we're going to use.

we have cleaned all of the calamari and theseafood and this is all ready and I have a few extra clams that I'm gonna add aswell and we have the fish stock or the fumet hot, it's on the stove and realquick if you don't have the Paella pan like I do, you can use a skillet or anyother pan that has a very wide base to it that you can make the paella in.

Youwant to use the biggest burner that you can find I'm using this one becauseit's closer to the camera it's easier for you to see.

I'm gonna turn the fireon, on high and we're going to heat up the pan first, once it's hot we're goingto first add the ajo perejil, this is the sauce that we made earlier with parsleyand garlic.

just gonna add a little bit this is the oil that we're going to usein the paella you're gonna fry this real quick then you're gonna add the calamari, afterabout a minute of cooking, the calamari we're going to add the marca and for this I'm only going to add about a spoonful, now you can add a little bit ofstock to the sauce, just so it cooks a little better and after about a minuteor two of cooking, get everything hot again, now we're going to turn it on highheat now we're gonna add the rice.

you're going to move the rice we're going to heat the rice up and we'regoing to fry the rice for just about a minute, now after about another minute ortwo of cooking the rice getting the rice hot we're going to start adding thestock, now this rice is, this rice will drink a lot of water, a lot of stock soit's about a three to one ratio I'm just gonna add a little bit and three ladles so far and it's going totake a little more we're gonna let this come up to the boilagain, you know let they sit and cook for another minute or two on the fire, it'sbeen about three minutes, now I'm gonna give you two choices you can eitherfinish this traditionally on the fire but typically the paella dishes come withwell like an actual instrument that fits the entire paella dish and you cancook on the Ring of Fire the entire time is very easy to do this.

if you do thison the surface that's smaller than the dish you're gonna have to move itoccasionally and keep an eye on that constantly.

the other way is what I'mgonna show you, is to put it in the oven and as soon as we put itin the oven, you're going to put a timer on for about 12 minutes and it's gonnatake no more than that, now right before we add the seafood, I'm going to add alittle bit more stock because this rice as you can tell is already starting toabsorb all the stock we added.

I'm going to turn the fire on high.

just a little morestock, okay know if your rice is lumpy the reason why I keep shaking it's justforce of habit for me, I've made a lot of risottos as well.

the thing is if youadd a little more stock to the Paella just before you either putit in the oven or finish cooking it on the stove, you have to add a little morelike it is now, it's liquidy and if you give it a couple hard shakes, all of therice is going to lay flat, which is what you want because it's gonna cook moreevenly, then leaving it lumpy, so I'm going to add even a little more and Iactually added a little too much marca as you can see, it's a little too red butnow I'm going to decorate it I'm going to put some clams that I have here andmussels on we're going to put it in the oven at 200Cand count 12 minutes, see it's already opening the clam and count 12 minutesand then we're going to check it.

halfway about at the six-minute mark, you'regoing to check in the oven and you're going to turn it because if you don'tit's not going to cook evenly.

We're almost finished! remember to keep theoven closed until about the six-minute mark and then you want to check it andyou're gonna rotate the Paella so it cooks evenly, now we're gonna finish the shrimpand the langoustines.

there's two ways you can do this, you either can one, put alittle oil and salt on them and get a frying pan and then cook them in the panon each side for several minutes or you can get a dish again salt and oil andpop them in the oven for a couple minutes and then we're going to put themon top of the paella so whatever your preference.

super quick! I just took itout of the oven, the timer is done and so are the shrimp, now if you ever runacross this problem and I don't have it but if you do where any of the areas, (this is a little white) if you have spots that are a little white, you're going totake the stock and you're just going to add a little bit onthis area and you're going to put it in the oven again just for another minuteor two, just for the rice to absorb the water.

next I'm going to put this shrimpwhich we cooked (oh it's hot!) I'm going to lay them best I can and something Iforgot to mention typically you put a little bit of saffron in the paella.

because it comes from here they pick it here.

you can put a little in.

most of the time when you get a paella in the restaurants, they don't usesaffron they use colorante or they use something artificial it has a bit ofa yellowish color to it but it's not the same.

but anyway guys I hope you enjoyedthe video! be sure to SUBSCRIBE! to the channel! like the video down below andstay tuned for more videos.

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