May 7, 2021

Stay-at-Home | We "Travel" to Austin, Texas over BBQ Ribs

all right so yes we're cooking somespare ribs kind of reflecting back to our trip to Austin what we do is actually okay so my trusted camera woman do you wantbutchers brewing old sow or Eagles tears I don't know if Eagle Tears is a very American itsounds like it'll

be an Iranian company would be like Eagle tearsscrew you America put in there 45 minutes rosin beer beer well and it'ssmoking – okay that's okay Michael the reason we got this here is because Iwent to three different stores for us because part of us live in San Diego

Icouldn't find any Texas beer no Texas fear whatsoever but obviously to reflectback on busting our timing off singing and recreating our experience there butmy god it was not drinkable it's a little bit like a beer slushyyeah it's a blushy so we started these trips because we have friends

thatwe're here in San Diego to do and unfortunately everyone dispersed so nowVirginia wrote a test yeah yep Virginia Beach Virginia and Millington Tennesseewe try to get together once a year last year for wedding that came out and thenbefore that I went to Austin Texas and met up kind

of middle the country yepdid a what we do there we did escape room we got out of time and everyonesolve stuff and then we're running around with like five minutes to go andthe hour that we have and for business like all right lock your warrants but Icould think

I take this out how did you come in I think I seem right we did afood tour we did a food tour yes yeah yeah and that's when we found out wellbefore they found out that what was that a part of the scavenger huntoh no we did scavenger

on it was totally separate and you did these electricbikes which is awesome amazing like not that assist you electric bikes theactual electric bikes like you don't need a pedal or do anything but steerthat was lovely and everyone got that I like your bikesand I'm Rose heading along the

lake and I'm like these electric bikes are why Iam pedaling so hard and they're barely doing anything and I have a pedal itback to the gun like it's fine I can do this but I don't there's anyassist right on I don't know what everyone else oh your battery'scompletely

dead or not chart or yes yeah that's totally right okay did you workand then I was awfully crazy nobody does scavenger hunt around thecity oh my godso we also went to when my favorite place is what was the famous streetother Street go into bars and everything connected blue

blue blue fine you'remaking up stuff you're making soda we'll look it up laterit is bunch of bars along one Street it's not for three because that was abig party it was budgets outdoor places you could sit and the hotdog thing wasreally cool where you could get a bunch

of different you see the pic likecommunal picnic tables like you actually ate our food yeah yeah then you'd belike a rolling pin tray and I think I got like a tie one with like shrimp onit or something weird it was odd but do you everyone gets their hotdogs

and thenyou throw a bunch of weird stuff like kimchi you know somethingcurried shrimp pulled pork you can do whatever that was pretty cool yep yepand he also did top play golf I totally remember I remember saying I was reallygood and then Sarah ended up money I think a

lot like well this is theskill the sport thing if it's a sport you have to have zero blood alcohol ifit's a skill sometimes for the layman it helped have about a point Note 8 youloosen up I don't get a golfer only two point three beers into it than

I am okay so I think that was manifestingalso an experiment where everyone was better – rolling rocks or Longhorns orwhatever the Texas bit was that is that is yes wall for your form and I think Iwent past the point oh yeah you went over the there's no there's

a curve andthat's why we should have there should be the drinking well Olympics where youhave to have a caddie and that would be like nice but when you're on your clubthat's what they do and there's experts of this and if Imean it Academy for the PGA Tour whatever

you likeall right the winds in your face in this it's a little downhill that's 150 orsomething but we're getting up club a little bit because it winds in your facealso you're starting to sober up slightly so I am gonna give you a seveniron and a shot of tequila

okay that's what that is very good advice you weretalking to soothing voice like that so that's really what we did it topped offterrain can works out so we are cost goingChloe fought the pandemic one out only only three people died she didn't getinto a paper and they totally

out but yeah but it was funny when the olderwomen went for the meets Chloe was just stronger than so that's how he gotspare ribs two people had to die but that's fine cause he doingyeah he would not be allowed back in the compoundexcellent the problem is but any

spirit you're gonna have the body of the cavitythat we all have your internal cavity where your lungs are it's here in thespirit very take and this is where the ones would be on the opposite side ofand all the organs and there's a nice little membrane separating that from

themeat called the silver bag we try to pull that off because it is a bitstringy so what we're doing is pulling the silver back off which separates theribs from the membrane the cavity and really it's just not good eating so youwant to rip that off so you can

get your spices and everything against actualmeat and bone so it takes a little work you can find butchers that'll do it butit's kind of rare if you buy from Costco you're gonna have to do this yourself Wow pigma meet that get a like subscribeme smash that button I'm

gonna do it in Texas for us to well we did go to thatcool cocktail place on 4th in Austin speakeasy the speakeasy yeah a gentlemanruled a carton and asks what you like with a very long and curls yeah you Idon't trust someone making me a cocktail if they

don't have one of the followingthree things suspenders yes I'm a mustache or goatee the more other thingsyou have the more points for bartending you get so if you no no those three Idon't know man maybe like horn-rimmed glasses or a jaunty beret is needed butyeah you need something

along those linesbaby madness flying around I know it's very I think we're pretty good here yeahokay all right so now what you're gonna do is you really do want to bring theseup to room temperature before you put them on the grill oh we're doing grillhere well we're do

the trigger we're gonnasmoke it for about four hours there's probably a mark the start right aboutnow to get that to start to come up to temperature triggers outstanding alittle Pisa barbecuing feet were feet the peloton slowly maintains a lowtemperature so you cook this stuff slowly over time but

in the meantime weready who is you have to add salt to pull the moisture out of that becauseit's smoked basically attach the liquid so we have astudy some stuffs be for up that's what your brother yes that's allround we're so the trailer actually was a gift from your

brother and your dadfrom deployment yeah so nice again they knew I was the problem of componentas I love me love doing my job but it sucks never to have like the ability tocook for yourself so one of that so that was the nice some of the triggers at

thefire that keeps it at a constant temperature you don't monitor it at allwe'll see how that turned out more is always betterthat's gonna be our brother Ralph can do any barbecue sauce on for a while youdon't want to put that on too early because Robbie this house has

its bigBarbie sauce generally cuz just ketchup and brown sugar anything containing thesugar for long time is going to burn if you put it in for too long it's nice toburn but basically for not for four hours for a half hour to an hour it'sgood to burn that so

they go in clean like this get some smoke in them get thesalt a pull moisture out give it smoke attached to him really nicely and thenabout 45 minutes apart or a beer an already to eat you pull that out slatherit oh look at you alright coronavirus helping me

out you can wash your hands what is it 20seconds girl you need to throw those on therewait a sec shit at some point you want to either that's some point you're gonnahave to touch them are you just waiting until they're fully cooked all right taarna the trigger try

to 50 ends igniteso while Michaels doing that yeah definitely for all okay and I'mgonna do a little cleaning up in here so yeah not the cleanliness in terms of meetinga mess like he seriously really makes a mess you should look at the floor overhere but you know it's

delicious delicious did I'm long as the one who'smaking sure everything's really clean all right take them to the smoker youcan throw these in whatever as the thing warms up cuz they're gonna have to sitthere for about three and a half hours yeah let's smoke stir to give them

somehugs yeah somebody's been smellivision because it's pretty awesome the probe Center is just to monitor it a littlebit not too deep that's right about right all right and I don't want monitorit feel Wi-Fi you're super lazy take click come in it and enjoy our viewhuh Wario now is

a little Texas Stubbs Hickory Bourbon because she doesn't likethe sweets we're gonna get it a little bit spicy some Texas Pete'sgot a gentleman a cowboy hat and Texas bit so you can't get more mix that upring-a-ring ribs in in about 30 minutes slather it with that drink up

the heatAlexa how much time left on the timer you have one hour and two minutes lefton your rippln yeah that tastes great okay all right wait another hour slidethat on we'll wait 40 minutes after that okay so all-american now back to moreaustin photos three hours later I love

how you used your beer as it -it's an implement on there we're gonna bring them in so we're throwing hotsauce and barbecue sauce on both sides of the ribs what you're gonna do isslather them pretty good and we're gonna throw them back on the heat I like Simon

I know except look at thisback on spent and then we kick up the heat yeah there should be some good II seetell like a little pink smoke ring around it it's kind of what you'relooking for the event juicy can we do a little test it's a little quicknot

yeah you go for all right Cheers I don't knowoh really do yes yes no I'm not not too much spice yeahor and it's not too sweet either yeah come on guys thank you so much forwatching again subscribe if you like which is some check out some of ourother

videos that will be posting and let you try this out and go visit Austin cheers and thank you love you

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