April 15, 2021

Strangers Tip a Waitress $4000! – Random Acts

– We're here in downtown Seattle and everybody'sjust waking up.

– And we only have until dinnerto use our skills and talents to earn as much as we can so we can leaveLaura a mega-tip tonight.

– You know what, we better get to it! ♪♪ ♪♪ – Anyone want to donateto a worthy cause? I'll sing you a song.

– We're helping out thekindest waitress in Seattle.

– Portraits over here! – I could write you a poem.

– We're raising money for thekindest waitress in Seattle! – You would look greaton paper! Come on! – You're just buttering me up.

– No way.

– I could sing you a song.

I could give some advice ifyou're struggling with anything.

– Can you act? Will: I can act, yes, I can definitely act.

– Can you act like a panda? – I can act like a panda? I suppose I coulddo that, sure.

– It's for a good cause.

Mason: Wow, $20? High five, dude! – You gotta catchmy good side, though.

– Oh, beautiful.

Now just hold that.

– Okay, this is me actinglike a panda.

♪♪ -Bamboo.

[laughing] – Oh, the things I dofor my art.


– ♪ If you're happy and you know it, ♪ ♪ leave a tip! ♪ ♪ If you're happy and you know it leave a tip! ♪ ♪ If you're happy it isn't hard, ♪ ♪ I'll even take a credit card, if you're happy ♪ ♪ and you know it, leave a tip! ♪ -Oh, he's leaving even more! Look, I can do this! – I'm almost done.

– The anticipation'skilling me! – Ready? – Yup.

– There you are.

– That's awesome, brother! – You're the best.

– Teach you the rock chalkyoga poses? – Yeah.

♪♪ – Ah, he caught your happy look.

Mason: You really do have a good look.

Woman: He's always happy.

– You and I are goingto go high-five a random person.

– Oh, nice, I love it! – Yeah! Boom! – Thank you! – Getting on the homestretch here.

Okay, you ready? There you go, my good man.

– You're amazing.

– You're the best.

– Oh, yeah! – Well that was fun.

We're meeting lots of really, really awesome people.

– So we don't have a lot of– We live in ahomeless shelter.

Will: Oh my goodness.

I want Mason to draw you guysa picture, is that cool? – Sure.

Mason: Come on down! That was very generousof you.

Pay it forward, right? – The hug.

– The hug? I give the best hugs! – Awesome, thank you.

Mason: You guys are awesome, no, thank you.

Bring it in.

Give me some hugs.

We love it.

[grunting][laughing] – So this is kind of randomto share this, but my husband passed away, and so I've been doing random acts of kindnessfor people, so I'm gonna do this in memoryof my husband, Paul.

– You're awesome.

– So this is for Paul Sanchez.

– This is for Jill Sanchez, who I love too.

Mason: You guys are awesome.

– This incredible thingjust happened.

Um, this woman who had beenwatching for about an hour came up to me and said thatshe didn't want to be on TV, but she still wantedto donate, and.



she donateda hundred dollars.

So we have had such asuccessful morning, we did a lot better than wethought we would.

– But, I think we coulddo even better.

– So we're bringing ineven more help.

– This is gonna be fun.

– Who wants to learnhow to juggle? Up, up, catch.

Yes! Ha ha! So I just flew in today tofilm another segment tomorrow, but they asked if I could help out, so here I am, and I'm excited! – I learned how to make theseon YouTube yesterday.

Melanie: You're getting it.

-A monkey! – This is perfect, thank you so much.

– Katie, Katie.

– Oh my gosh! Oh, thank you so much.

– That was really fun.

Mason: You're awesome.

♪♪ Emilie: Thank you so much.

– Okay, ready? Will: We're doing a joke contest.

Why did the bicycle breakdown on the race? – Ooh, do tell.

– Because it was two-tired.

– Ooh, I think a better venuefor this joke contest, would probably be one of thepizzerias over there, because we couldget really cheesy.

-Winner! It's over! He wins! Mason: This is our secret handshake.

– Yeah.

[cheering] Melanie: That was really good! Yeah, that's it! – We only have about an hourleft before we have to wrap up and head overto the restaurant, so we are gonna join forces.

Hands in.

One, two, three, [all shouting] – All right, we gotta dobetter than that, guys, come on.

♪♪ – Geez, that isone hundred dollars.

That's so cool, thank you.

– Thank you! ♪♪ [ukulele strum][cheering] – So awesome, guys.

– I agree.

– Now let's go countthis money.

– Let's see, put allthese right here.

Mason: Sixty, seventy, eighty.

Emilie: This is insane.

Guys, there's still more! Mason: Oh my gosh, I'mkind of losing my mind with how much money I have.

Melanie: Almost done.




– I did not think thiswould take this long.

Emilie: This is insane.

– Got it.

– So we've added up everythingthat we collected today, and here's our total.

But the coolest part is, a person who's decidedto stay anonymous said that they wouldmatch our donation, so this is actually what we'regonna be able to give Laura tonight.

– Are you serious? – Yeah.

And I think that qualifiesas a mega-tip.

– I agree.

– Yeah.

Uh, wow.

Emilie: So we have been staking out the restaurant, and Laura is just arriving.

We still have to get a producer to go over to the bank with all of the money, and get crisp $100 bills that we are going to leave on the table tonight.

And then I've gotta get dressed.

And Will, you've gotta get dressed.

– Yeah, I'm on it.

Emilie: Oh, yeah, you're getting dressed, great! We gotta go.

Mason: We made it to Cutters.

Emilie and Will areon their way.

So we're gonna go sit downwith the entire crew and get set up.

♪♪ Emilie: Okay, we made it, and it's dinner time.

– Let's go meet Laura.

– Here we go! – Oh thank you! I'll come sit over here.

Will: There she is.

Laura: Hi, how are you two? – Doing well, how are you? – Good, thank you.

My name is Laura, andI'll be your server.

– Hi Laura!- Hey Laura.

– Are you two celebratinganything today? – Um, just our mutual love andaffection for each other.

[Emilie laughing] – Aw, I love it.

– We're on vacation.

– That'll be nice! Emilie: Yeah.

– Good.

So what can I get startedfor you two? – We're both kind of scared, but we wanna try oysters? – Oh, definitely.

– Yeah, let's do that.

Laura: Great, I'll get that started.

– Thanks, Laura! – So that was Laura.

– She seems so nice.

– She's a sweetie.

This is gonna be fun.

Emilie: Thank you.

Laura: You're welcome.

– Appetizers are up.

Will: She said, “You're thegreatest” to somebody who helped her.

Emilie: Aw, she is so nice.

-She suspects nothing.

Mason: She's, like, working, like, six different tablesright now– including Will and Emilie's.

– She just served themtheir meal.

– Oh, oh-ho, oh-ho-ho.

Laura: How is everything? Will: Oh my gosh, it's so good.

Emilie: He's beenmaking sure it's dead.

Laura: Good, that's the wayto crack them open.

♪♪ – She's right behind me.

It's kind of difficult to, like, remain calm, like I'm eating dinner when I know what's about to happen.

Laura: Can I get your plates out of the way? Emilie: Oh yes, thank you.

Laura: You guys save room for dessert? – Oh, I think– – But of course.

Laura: We've got very good key lime pie, and my favorite's the warm bread pudding.

We have vanilla ice cream.

– Here's my only concern, whether the ice cream is proportionate to the– Laura: I totally understand, I can make sure that happens.

– I feel like we know someoneon the inside, thank you.

[Laura laughs] – You've got a friend in me.

– It's going really well.

Will: Thank you.

– I love that she was like, “You've got a friend in me.

” I can't wait to seeher reaction.

– All right, I've got icecream for the whole thing.

– Oh my gosh.

– That really is.

– And this is on us.

– Are you serious? – Yes!Will: Why? – Thank you, you reallydidn't have to do that, but I'm so glad you did, 'cause it's so– – Laura: I am so happy to have done that.

– It's looking like we'repretty close.

Like, this close.

[Exhales] – Okay, so this is the notethat we're gonna leave for Laura, it says, “Dear Laura, please stay at the table “while you read this note.

“We have actually heardall about you.

“We know what an amazingperson you are, “and the kindness youconstantly show others.

“We were so happyto meet you in person, “and thought it was time someonedid something kind for you.

“Love, Will and Emilie.



, Lift up the napkin.

” And that's the big surprise.

Let's go do this.

Laura: Is there anything else I can bring for you two? Emilie: Oh, no.

– I'll just leave this here.

– This has been the nicestnight, thank you.

– Oh, I'm so glad youguys had that, it's been nice for me too.

I appreciate you both.

Not that that's why you came, I'm sure you didn't come to make my night.

– You never know.

That was awesome.

Emilie: Yeah, really, thank you.

– Little does she know.

– So she just picked upthe check, we are about to rollon the mega tip.

♪♪ – You guys have areally good rest of your whole entire week here.

– Oh, well thank you.

– Thank you, Laura.

– That's really sweet.

– Okay, it's go time.

– We going? – Go, go, go.

♪♪ Melanie: She's coming.

[heartfelt music] ♪♪ ♪♪ Laura: What is this about? Steve: What is it, what are you looking at? – You can't make me cry.

[Steve reading the note] – There's no one moredeserving of this than you.

– Wow, thanks! Who are you guys? Will: So we're on a TV show called “Random Acts, ” and we reward people who arekind, and go above and beyond, and do things thatthey don't have to do.

– This is so embarrassing.

[Emilie laughing] – So we heard a lot about you, and this technically isn't from us.

We went out into the city, wewere street performers today, and so this is essentiallyfrom the city of Seattle.

And we just love you, and wethink that you're great.

– Thank you.

– We think it's about timeyou got some love thrown your way.

– That is the nicest thingthat's ever happened.

Will: All right everybody, that's our show.

Big thanks toCutters Crab House, Random Acts on three.

One, two, three.

All: Random Acts! – Woo! – I have a little task formingin my mind.

– Will you take a momentto consider being kind? – I'm afraid we have no moneyto offer you a bribe.

– But we have so many videos, if you'd only subscribe.


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