April 13, 2021

SUMMER PROBLEMS AND EASY FIXES || Coolest DIY Hacks To Solve Your Problems by 123 GO!

Summer’s all about getting dressed up and spending a nice day out! That didn’t sound good.

And it looks even worse! Oh man, think quick! I know! A quick lift and tuck can fix everything! Just another brilliant summertime fix! Ahh, isn’t this relaxing? Stretching is a great way to chill out.

Hi! Sorry, I’m late!! Could that sun be any brighter? I can hardly see the instructor! I knew I should’ve brought my sunglasses! Wait, what move is that? The left arm? This is so distracting.

All this squinting’s giving me a headache! Oh, we’re on legs now? Wait, what do I — WOAH! Stupid sun! You’re ruining my yoga session! Come on eyes, focus! All I see is a human-shaped blur! Gah! I know! Oops, gonna need this.

Have an old yoga mat? Cut two shapes out of it like this.

Using the tip of the scissors’ blade, Poke two holes on each side.

Stick the ends of your glasses into them.

Then slide them through! Okay, I’m back! But this time, I won’t be battling the suns’s evil rays! There she is! Thanks Mr.

Visor! Look at that guys’ mat! That’s actually kinda brilliant! I do what I can.

First, I took — Oh, sorry.

This heat is killing me! I’m drenched in sweat! This is way easier to lug around.

I probably sweated my lipstick off.

There, much better.

Hopefully it won’t melt off.

Whew, into the heat I go! Gah.

Hey Betty! Oh my god… Look at those sweat stains! How embarrassing! But I have something that can help.

Miss Pad to the rescue! Lay your bra flat, And stick half the pad in each cup.

That’s it! But in the mean time, Let’s get rid of these unsightly stains! So long That was easy! Now back out into the heat! Did it get even hotter? Well, I have nothing to worry about.

I got these just for you, beautiful! How sweet! I’m not sweating again, am I? Those pads better last through dinner! Woah, nice block, Lily! But not good enough! It sure is hot out here, huh? Maybe it’s time to take a rest.

Don’t forget to hydrate! Nothing like some fresh water to — BLEH!!! This stuff’s piping hot! That’s not refreshing at all.

Woah! How did that ice stay frozen? Don’t you know the special trick? I never go anywhere without my ice.

Wondering how to tote around cold drinks? First, pour water into the bottle.

But only a quarter of the way.

Turn the bottle on its side.

Then off to the freezer it goes.

See you soon, little guy! A couple hours, to be exact.

Now we play the waiting game.

Once some time has passed, it’s ready! If it’s solid, you’re good to go.

Now all that’s left to do is fill that suckerup! See how the ice goes all the way up? It keeps things nice and cold for longer.

Once the cap’s on, That stuff’s staying ice cold! Pretty handy summer trick, right? Especially on hot days like today.

Gotta run! See? It really is that easy! Take some of mine.

Oh man, that tastes good.

Whadya say we go for another round? Summertime’s all about indulging.

Should we stop for a treat? Once ice cream, coming up, sir! That looks great, thanks! Um, oh! Those cupcakes look incredible! But the tricky thing about summer? Stuff never stays ice cold for long.

Ooh, your popsicle’s gettin’ away fromyou there… Ugh Sorry.

Wait! I have a brilliant idea! Have a cupcake wrapper lying around? Take a sharp blade, And carefully make a slit like this.

Flip it back over so its upright.

Then put the popsicle stick right through.

Now it can’t drip all over your fingers! You can thank me later.

Wow! How do you think of this stuff? I have way more to tell you about.

Alright, snackage is ready to go! Shoo fly, these are new shoes! Is it just me, or did the weather go up a few degrees? Hey what’s up, Lily? Hey Steven! Hot day, huh? I’m totally parched! Don’t sweat it, relief is on the way! I happen to have some ice cold Cokes! And they’re still perfectly chilled.

Ugh! Come on… Open already! Why do they even still make these? Don’t be such a drama queen.

You have a bottle opener? No but I’m super strong… Or not.

Hey! What about your bike pedals? With just a twist, The cap pops right off, see? Whew! I’m so ready for a cold rush of bubbles! Time for me to give this a try.

Who knew bikes were this versatile? And boom! That was easy! Nothing like a little summer reading.

Hey Steven! You’ve got to read this book! Ohh.

Anyway, as I was saying… Stupid mosquito.

Uh oh… I think I feel a bite coming on… Look at that thing! Why do the bugs always attack me? Uh, Steven? I don’t wanna freak you out or anything, But the bug landed right on your FOREHEAD! Lily! GAH! What’s going on out here?! It’s like we’re getting eaten alive! And there are more on the way! How do we get them to leave us alone? RUN! How are we supposed to hang outside? I’m covered in red, itchy welts! This is worse than when I had the chickenpox! Talk about a summer bummer.

Look at this thing! Oh, man! Hey, my toothpaste! Think this could give us some relief? Let’s give it a try! Simply squeeze a little glob onto your bite.

Yep, all of them! Almost missed that one! You sure this will work, Lily? Why don’t you ever trust me? I’ll prove it to you.

Just one little squeeze, And the itching finally can stop! Okay… But after just a few short minutes, That bite’s history! Wow! Do doctors know about this trick? Didn’t I tell you to trust me? Now we can hang out in the yard again! Without worrying about these spots.

We’d better put more toothpaste on the grocerylist! Summertime’s all about taking it easy, andthese hacks sure make the season more enjoyable! Be sure to share this video with your friends! And if you want to see more awesome videoslike this one, be sure to subscribe to 123 Go’s YouTube channel! Trust us, you won’t forget it.


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