March 6, 2021


yo what's going on hypebeasts my name isHolden Blaize and welcome back to another supreme drop list video today we will becovering the supreme week 18 drop list and I just have to say it's all rightnothing special no I'm kidding guys this week is absolutely fire there's so muchresale to be had and I'm gonna help you guys make some money in this video intoday's video I'm gonna show you guys the best items to resell from thesupreme week 18 drop including the best color variants and my personal resellpredictions however before we get into this video I need to ask you guys aserious question I have a ton of inventory a ton of Supreme Palace andFTP Goods right now and I've just been planning to try to sell them however ifyou guys are interested in buying any of these items I can list it a bit lowerthan the stocX and ebay prices because we can both shortcut all thefees I'm also thinking about doing some raffles I've a ton of palace hats thatjust came in like I have to show you this one right here like look at thislike the front is good by itself right but then the brim I didn't even see thisuntil I looked on the website I'm just saying this palace caps fire you knowwhat I'm saying however we need to start talking about the supreme drop listalright guys we're gonna start it off with the supreme motion logo tee this isalso called the mogo and this is gonna be a very sought after item on thisrelease day if we go into the supreme community we can't really see anythingto be honest all we can see is that it's heavily uploaded but if we go over todrops by Jay Instagram you got all the colorways right here and we can see thatas of right now we have seven colorways these are not the official images sothey may change slightly right off the bat I do have to say that some colorsare gonna be a lot better to get to resell than other colors now the reasonI say that is that four of these tees have already been released but it'spretty concerning I really hate when supreme re-releases like these sameexact things but if we go over to stock X we can see that the motion logo inblack has already been released that white and red has already been releasedand the red and the gray have also been releasedif the drops by Jay images hold true it looks like the black the red and thewhite are pretty much just a rerelease of this earlier drop and see that theydrop this exact same t-shirt four years ago now it is selling for quite a lotbut if supreme re-releases the same exact t-shirt yeah it's a different year butit is gonna drive those prices down you should also note that the grey tee fromthe previous motion logo looks to be a heathergrey well the gray motion logo from this week looks to be a bit paler so nowthat you know that past information with me I think that the green and the purpleare going to be the best to resell if we look at all the brand-new colorways itbe the purple the green and the yellow all of the other four have been releasedin some format already even if it's not the exact same thing so these threeright here I honestly think are the best three pickups the yellow is probably theworst of the bunch I say purple is definitely one green toyellow three for resell however sellout times are gonna be huge this week youguys probably want me to rank these in order of resell this is not sellouttimes this is resale order I think it's gonna be purple green yellow red grayblack white that's my personal guess of resale I do think the most sales volumeis definitely going to be on this black tee so if you pick it up you will nothave a problem selling it even if it's not at the same price premium as likethe purple or the green and honestly guys if we think about what price thisis gonna hit we can see that the past has averaged out at three hundred andeighteen dollars this has an average sale price of three hundred and twentynine dollars but we can see that recent sales have been going down the Supremeis really saturating the motion logo right now so with that being said Ithink the purple and the green in smalls and XL those are gonna be the best twosizes to grab for this entire drop could get sales at 150 to 200 dollars but thepurple in green definitely could reach that amount I just don't think the blackthe grey the white the red and even the yellow are gonna see prices that high atall I think those are gonna be more in the 120 to 200 dollar range I give it awide range because price is gonna be volatile to start I think price is gonnaspike up initially and then it's gonna go down a lot we'll find a bottom and ifyou hold this until like next spring I definitely think that's a good time tosell it however you should note that retail is probably going to be 32 or $38and either way you can definitely double or triple your money on this investmentso you should definitely try to buy this t-shirts for sell out times I really wish Icould go more in depth I'm just gonna say if you live in the United States andare trying to manual a motion logo this we cannot go for the first two that soldout in Europe do not go for the bottom two that sold out in Europe it's reallya mind game going for any sort of box logo or Mogo when there's a lot ofcolorways but I can safely say that purple and green are probably going toregardless and look at that guys my video finally uploaded it took me likehours to upload that thing but you got to go check that out it is every sneakerreleasing in July there's a ton of resale and the July sneakers so I dorecommend you check out that video I'm just gonna go over all of the tees rightnow they're all probably gonna be $38 and you should note that immediateresale on supreme tees is usually not that great obviously the motion logotee will have immediate resell and I do think the lizard tee will have immediateresell I would still hold on to them a little bit longer because price of everysingle supreme tee goes up over time I don't even need to go and stock Xliterally every single chart shows that it always bottoms out right at the startand everyone who's new to reselling just sells of tees at a terrible price andthen over time it starts to pick up drastically even if you will get some ofthe tees that released earlier in this season when they started out they'reselling around 50 to $60 and a lot of them are now hitting sales and ninety ora hundred but I highly recommend you hold on to all of these tees this weekmaybe not the motion logo but everything else is hold on to if you want to getthe most profit again smalls and XLs are usually the best sizes and if wejust go over these I'm gonna say that it's definitely ranked pretty well thelizard tee the Anno Domini Tee are definitely the best two but from thereit's kind of a toss-up I just have to say that personally I hate this Ichi theKiller tee the long-sleeve absolutely garbage for all that do not know eachichi the killer was a crime movie from a couple years ago it released in 2003I've never watched it but I don't watch movies in general the split he also hasmentioned of Ichi the Killer you can see on the back I actually think these splittee and black is actually a good pickup black is definitely the only one forthis tee but a black split tee in a multi-cart is definitely gonna add somevalue to your cart firstly I would just stay away from Ichi the Killerlong-sleeve maybe in a good size and a good color you'll make a little bit ofmoney the pitbull tee I think also has some potential this camo colorway isabsolutely hideous for like this pit bull tee unlike this light blue evenlike a navy or a black is gonna look so much better than this ugly-last camo sohonestly this is a decent multi-cart item a lot of you are hating on the supremetees releasing on this week 18 but you need to know if you're willing to lookmedium to long term there's a lot of resale potential this week now themarble tee I really don't like the front is just a Supremelike circle logo supreme on the back it's okay I think for this tee go fora small and I think more of the loud colorways like the bright the ones thatlook good in summer I think those are gonna sell out first I probably have thehighest prices but you should know that black tees are also pretty safe pickupsfor the Anno Domini Tee I think the purple right here is really clean Ithink the purple is going to sell out first just because they put it on here alot of people see the purple color and get kind of attached to it so I do thinkthe purple it will sell out fast and again I'm gonna lean towards some ofthose brighter colorways in those smaller sizes the social tee I actuallykind of like it's like a social security number you don't really know what itsays on it I think there's some reference to supreme or there the NewYork store on it and then the signature says out of orderI kind of do like this tee I think the black is probably the best bet and Iwould only get this in a multi card this is definitely not one that's gonna havea ton ofimmediate resale but it's a decent multicart item and lastly for thesupreme tees this week we got to go over this lizard tee this my friends isdefinitely gonna sell out kind of quick now I say kind of quick because theemotion logo tee and the umbrella I think are gonna sell out faster justbecause all the bots are gonna be trying to pick up those but if you just want toavoid all the BOTS I would try to get this lizard tee in a size like small andAnno Domini Tee in the same cart I think that is a pretty decent pickup or if youwant to go a different route and again avoid the botted motion logo you couldgo for the umbrella and the blanket in the same cart again I think that is avery good hold item we've already talked about the umbrella I think for maximumprofit you hold until like the spring season then I think it could get salesaround a hundred 120 but right away I'm guessing it's gonna retail around like$32 and I'll probably be selling in like the 50 to $60 range now the blanket is adifferent story I'm gonna go search that up real quick if we look at a past Supreme blanket we can see that it retailed at 118 dollars it is getting sales at$250 Plus this is actually very reassuring to see if you're trying topick up the blanket from this week I honestly don't think the blanket isgonna fly off the site it's because there's so many other items but ablanket in a multi cart with kind of any other item would be so nice I'm guessingthe blanket releasing this week is gonna be around 118 dollars and maybe evenless actually it's definitely gonna be on thehigher end I'm guessing around 120 if it's out $100 this is definitely a pickup we can see that's gonna be 5 feet by like six and a half feet and it'shand-woven in Mexico that's actually really cool I know a lot of people likethis type of blanket too I definitely recommend reselling the blanket thisweek personally I would be trying to multicart it with probably the umbrellabecause it's on the same accessories page you could also try to multi card itwith one other tee but if you wanted to just single cart it I do think there isa little bit of potential if you're willing to hold a little bit you shouldknow that it's gonna cost a little bit more to ship just because it's gonna berelatively large and heavy but in the coming months two years I definitely seethis blanket selling at two hundred to two hundred fifty dollars plus if yougrab it and it's not selling that high immediately I would just hold it I wouldnot off it for a lower price because I do think this is gonna rise in valuepersonally I can't even tell you what I'm gonna go for this week that'sbecause so much of it plays off sellout times I'll probably try to get a motionlogo if these sell out times are looking possible in Europe I know bots are just gonnabe all over it so I'm kind of tempted to do like a blanket umbrella multi cardbut to be honest I'm really undecided at the moment I'm planning to be in thediscord for the first like 20 minutes before the u.


drop so that's when I'llgo over what I'm going for and you can ask any questions then with that beingsaid I'm sorry I couldn't get the full droplist in here I just wanted to get avideo out to you guys while I could still get one but hopefully you enjoyedand maybe consider watching some of my other content over at my channel see youguys all in the next one good luck copping tomorrowpeace out.

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