May 8, 2021

Teo y yo Abrimos y JUGAMOS al Nuevo Juguete Nenuco Happy Doctor

come teo honey, now I choose it for youOK ? 1 2 and 3 play again? the butterfly will list it themariposita the whole mess there is the boxed or rather tone hereyes he will try again Ohdo not but you have to have a little patiencecome to try is that never wait and now we put backtrying again and I was here in the end I was able to tell theseother branches but we play again mommy I'm alittle bit tired of playing this we can play something else, you're tired andyour love yes but to play this I want play something elseWell, we can play something else if you want to mommy I can not think of anythingto see you tape that a moment I do not know what do you think if we play dancing today notI have it to a little body for so much trot my mother but for me it is agrandpa is that I want to play another thing mommy look we can play to ridelittle horse to the kitchens to doctors Americo to me please feel like if youI want to play doctors because you know that I have a little package here without openingit's just to play that really well this is still seriously that ifyou or the hole that I'm going to put and it's pretty bigto see the love told the habit this I'm going to remove already and take your mind thatthis one is left alone to be of look at what big box you or I like you want to know with memons Look how cool theo is the new toynenuco and is called happy doctor what happened if you look at this, go to the consultationmedical and it's super cool because you can connect the tablet or the mobile and alsoyou can play without connecting anything is super full you helped me open it theo and soI teach it better the force before opening it I'm going to give itthe return to see what he has behind I have how many things comes with a briefcasethe stretcher and a lot of accessories about what's already for encouragement today let's come toworthy Y uy here comes one thinglet's see what it is to see to see this I think they are stickersand the instructions onceok tell us how to ride it myself I see that it's super simple so to seeok and here it says according to how bad it is is what you have to give good for thatlet's do it with practice do not you it looks likeok let's continue with all this like me hello this is damn hello hello saidnow we play with her first we have to open the boxbut mommy is super cool I want play i mom tell you a secretget it or what happens when I grow up I want to be doctor wants to be a doctor but if not yethave you tried playing doctors to see here we have an anne carton curehas interactive bracelet fever or in what how cool is an interactive braceletlet's continue watching you see your little friends what coolest thing comes in the box arelike bacteria inside the little body of P.

SHow cool Baleares where do I start? to remove this first and now we see itand I'm going to take the briefcase to see see cool now I will remove the signature from youLet's see I'm just going to take off the gummies to the friends look how many thingswe have medicines and some tweezers a super judah maskthis is to see how the heart goes we also have a lot of bandages look how cooleach one is a different color a super cool play the strips andhere that we have hello this is sure it's to put thepatient's name and here some codes I suppose this will also be foridentify the patient to have all your registered data and be able to look at yoursuper cool history also look at super cool suitcases ahlet's open it to see in the briefcase we have this part that is to putall chickens all that we I'm going to needand then we have start what I eat but this is to put the tabletor the mobile what you have clear for this is a cardboardto which one and this can be put to the height that you want clear according to thedevice that we use then we can to do it or shorter or longer is it worthI'm going to use this one so as it's very big and the camera has it here I havewhat to put it like this well let's save this moment thatI want to see the doll I'll leave it hereI have 13 patient sorry to unity made us want to cure it notwe want to do more damage but but what pretty I'm going to take what's leftand this also outside How cool of the atheist and has a heart has a little bug with the bacteriawhat's here to see has another one too come with come a stone here and thenthe bracelet what cool and then the stretcher wow how pretty is worth and forbehind has for batteries and for give him the injection that completes whatcool then gone on sale let's come to I'm going to put it in the briefcase myselfplay first you have to download the application and then we can playcome on let's go let's open the over you then I put it herewrong and I will see that I take to download of the application and start playinglittle friends like that he is liking is in the look or happy doctor I want to play nowIf you also run out a like the video and like that but convincemommy to start is already that sometimes it gets a little heavy and g8 thatcome I have not said anything and I see that they you're saying to our friends nothingmommy subscribe to the channel if they want to continue playing with us thatit's great, honey, honey to see what I'm going to put the mask onfavorite surgeon favorite oil to me well clear I think towatch oh, I'm going to operate you, butwe like are our friends who they are very healthythat was there will be friends and come see get here and now let's placeour tablet I want to start now but I have more placed thanplace it well worth it we go to place it well to leave your handsI already would have them say yes let's check mommy about thisnurse stream or disease good to see to see who is the first patient whogo through my query here has the doctor is worth put on the stretcher atfavor let's see let's see the history ofthis line waits this baby it's called dropletsI love little things very well we are going to fill it in, do me the favor and fill ityou to see nuggets has a myth the weight instern and is thick as a strawberry how much10 a bird as it has growntheo waigel mira appears the photo let's do the annual review let'sto do a scanner but while performing them new little ones are bornthings about the red mark that appears on the screen that we are going to review nowdoctor now we will review the heart to watch I think you need something from the pharmacyyou need iron yes but please I said let's continue with the revision now to theMisses famous little girls look at you old Ohgood all rightnow let's look and read the teeth to see to see sticks this open the mouth we have to remove all those little bugsoutside out of here we want a mouth fury you have to whiten those teethyou have very yellow you have to wash the more always after mealslet's do the x-rays to see what has you have a kitten you have a spiderI'm sorry about that.

what disease should it be for? and a little bit of this tooit seems good to me doctor end the pipita you have to take it whole let's see the crazy people I've seenconsist let's check the eyes nursethere we go to the eyes to see legs goes to appear an image you have to see itclear when you see it admitted we will go to another imageto see your voucher a little more nurse lowers law perfect another appears another image upDo not see her and zidane perfectso the mouth thermometer in January prepared nurse you have chickenpox you have to put thevaccine very good little you have a healthenviable to be perfect do not worry, everything is perfectgood environment may vary if clear between the next patient doctor thishe feels patient and does not have very good please call nurses or give me amask very well we are going to collect your datain the history doctor doctor tell me nurse to this patientwe have to put the identification I was like not in the neck worthput what we take your data it's called sorbet on we have tocall mom how old you'll be lucky I do not know, I calculate thathas three years does not follow also I think who is three years oldnow you put them as if you feet voucher voucherillness how old is the patient has three heavy sorbet verybit miller beer like a throat doctorsorbet has belly pain that we mix the medicines to be ablefind the mother cure for the pain that goes up is this and is a little bit ofeach one and ready now you have to give him the sorbet medicineopen the mouth very good champions request misssorbets we have already finished with you are in perfect condition very very very healthyyou're next but honey and that's doing late we have to stop home toI really have to stop having lowered our first one really we haveto stop yeah darling and you've done half of you have to dine with him also lovethis game to me I also like the he's really cool with thiswe can stop everything if the truth is that We have enough material toheal it absolutely everything hey mommy having this toy is no longer necessarythat go more to the doctor truth because everything I can cure it here good teo meI fear that this is not possible either doctor x you always have to know ifour area of ‚Äč‚Äčtruth Malema me but good at least to playalthough it is clear that yes to play yes that you can also do thereview all your toys poor sorbet has had to come to thedoctor and everything comes from where you are low poor thing what has had to happen andI had to give medicine and everything good sir doctor I think it's going to betime to collect all this and do the dinner yes yes yes yes of course there iscollect all this yes yes yes of course but uncle 38 years old and normal you go outrunning what happened I did not want to pick up that it was a joke mombut it hurt me a lot where your sixth Year honey on the skin needsdo you think we put a band-aid on you if yes yes to see darling get on the stretchersanz and I'll do the patient mommy come on let's put a band-aid onSick where you've hurt yourself darling in the skin you need in it thoughsweetie come quiet look what I put thisshiver and you're going to heal for sure I slept as much astoday we have and.

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