May 11, 2021

Texas travel blogger shares her top picks for this summer

is a very popular blog my curly Avengers Jessica started joining us to talk about some of the top places that she has been across the state of Texas and maybe she can throw out a couple new suggestions for us as well Jessica welcome to show I'm excited to

be here absolutely we've had you on before I remember in studio and it was great it's been quite some time and a lot of stuff has gone on since the last time we spoke but let's talk about some of your adventures that you've been on that people can

expect to see when they go to your social media page and then perhaps if you have any suggestions that we can go out and explore the state of Texas yeah I mean the great thing is we really do have so many outdoor opportunities so during this time where

we haven't been traveling at all I've been writing a guide that has 50 Texas trips under $50 in a lot of those activities so thought would be a great chance to share for instance on the places that are nearby a lot of outdoors allow you to social distance

so for instance FOMA isn't too far away and there's so many free activities fun activities that you can enjoy don't really have to worry about spending too much and then be outdoors they have had some marshes with all the nature all around they've got some botannical gardens to

visit the beach isn't too far away you're really getting a large mixture of activities and being able to stay outdoors which is nice now I know you get a lot of response on your social media through your Instagram and Facebook pages and your blog what are some of

the things that people want to get out and do it seems like to me we have such a so many option when it takes to going up for a hike or going for a kayak or like you said going down to the beach what do people want to

do this summer yeah so I'm seeing a lot of people are looking into like single residence types of places so you know little cabins themselves up to the areas to hike again the beach kayaking boats all these different opportunities really looking at those and things are going to

be really popular people a lot of us are going to try to wrap it a little bit more than usual okay let's talk about hotels and as we see some hotels obviously are open to a certain degree what are some of your favorite hotels you travel around the

state of Texas no so definitely as we are going forward I think it's important to look at each hotel maybe call ahead of time just to ask what they were doing to provide that your safety measures and I definitely recommend that but there are a lot of really

cute cabins that you can check out as well so if you're looking for instance they even into like when really EBEs your topia you can enjoy if you know this glamping gear it have the whole area to yourself it's got a little pool that you can relax in

it's definitely something that's worth checking out okay let's turn our attention to food it's a big part of traveling okay who's got the best food in the state of Texas is it down in Southeast Texas we've got the Cajun the crawfish all that good stuff or is it

central Texas barbecue I don't know you tell me man I mean Texas barbecue that's just always a given but right before you know we were quarantined I went down some chances with Beaumont and I was just exposed to a whole different world of food so I was trying

crawfish I was trying Cajun food if you really like unique burgers they have all these different really cool burgers I thought was great I had a Dan burger had some mac and cheese burgers had a man-candy burger so definitely Southeast Texas is where you're gonna get a bold

new flavor but and you can never have pulled out on a good Texas barbecue all right Jessica one last question for you any suggestions and how we can feel safe as we travel out this this summer season everything from a mask to obviously hand sanitizers where does it

some of the things that you've done to make you feel safe on your travels yeah I think it's definitely important to look at the cities that you're visiting constantly checking CDC websites any new updates from our own government and then you know hearing sanitizer wipes wherever you go

inside the restaurants inside where every shops you're going to train stay outdoors as much as possible maintaining social distancing guidelines I definitely think it's a great idea to call ahead anytime to any place you're going and making sure that they are maintaining the proper guidelines that you're looking

for so making sure you know if you are going to be at a restaurant if you are sitting outside you're still going maintain distance anything that allows for you to do that and then constantly check me with officials on what their professional opinion is absolutely once again give

us your social media handles because that's a great resource to get all the sights and sounds or the places have you been oh yeah so it's my adventures need to find that Facebook Instagram the website and on the website we just release 50 surface trips under $50 that's

completely free and it'll be a resource for years to come wonderful Jessica thanks so much for joining us today you have a fantastic rest of the day in the weekend I appreciate you news well thank you

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