April 14, 2021

The BEST Father In Dragon Ball Super! (PROOF)

A lot of people who aren't fans ofanime think that Dragon Ball is a stupid cartoon about a bunch of guys fighting.

But that is far from the truth.

Because anybody who has grown upwatching Dragon Ball has become a better human being because of the lifelessons that Dragon Ball has to offer.

And one of the best lessons that DragonBall has to offer to our young men in this world is how to be a great father.

In celebration of Father's Day, we'regoing to take a look at who is the best father in Dragon Ball Super and what arethe lessons that we can learn from them? And no, it is not Goku.

It is not the Vegita.

Heck, it's not even Gohan.

The best father in Dragon Ball Super is.

Your father.


I want you to pause this video and goin the comments section and share one thing that you appreciate about yourfather or something that you have learned from a father figure in your life thathas turned you into a better person.

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Hola mi Gente! Welcome back.

It is John and happyFather's Day to everybody.

I hope you have an awesome day.

And if you're not a father, you mightbecome a father yourself in the future.

In my opinion, the absolutebest father is Piccolo.


He is really not a father.

He's more like Uncle Joe than he is ofa dad because he doesn't have any kids.

Gohan is obviously a great father.

No one can argue against that, buthe's only been a father for a couple of months in Dragon Ball Super notenough time for us to truly understand whether he is the best father.

Same thing happens with Krillin.

My boy Krillin.

Obviously, he's a great father, but mostof his parenting is done off screen.

So again, we can't really tellwhether he is the best father.

And let's not forget aboutthe people's champ, Mr.


I would say that Mr.

Satan is by far one of thebetter fathers on the list.

He's been there for Videl sinceshe was a little girl all the way through her adulthood.

And even now, Mr.

Satan is still there for herat times taking care of Pan.

Goku is towards the bottom of the list.

He's honestly not a great father.

Yes, he does love his son.

He has had a great moments, but overallhe's been an unavailable dad to the point that in the Cell-Games, he evenforced his own son to fight against Cell when his son didn't want to do that and heallowed his son to get tortured by Cell.

It wasn't until after Piccolo madeGoku realize the mistake that he had done, that Goku finally realizedthat he was a crappy father.

I can feel your bones beginning to crack.

No! I can't take it! You can keep standing there allyou want, but I'm helping Gohan.

No, you're not! So wait just a little bit longer.

For what, for Gohan to get Killed? For Cell to rip him topieces while we watch? Wait until he has no choice.

He doesn't thirst for battle and mayhem.

He's not a fighter like you.

Huh? Do you want to know what he's thinking? He's not thinking aboutstrength or about competition.

He's wondering why his father isstanding there letting him die! I'd rather die than wait.

And let's not forget about Vegeta.

Well, Vegeta is one of my favoritecharacters, but when it comes to a father, he's not the typeof father that I want to be.

When Trunks was born, Vegetadidn't give a crap about him.

He didn't even care about Bulmaand he almost allowed them to die.

If it wasn't for Future Trunks, they would have both been dead.

I'm still alive.

This young man saved us.

Hey, why didn't you tryto save them Vegeta? Who? Who!? Bulma and your son.

Oh, them.

I have more important thingsto worry about the net foolish woman in her blasted child.

Now out of my way.

By far, without a question, Paragusis the best father in Dragon Ball Super, and a great example of thetype of father that we want to be.

Now I know that sounds crazy.

What! Paragus? You meet the guy who tortured his own son? Tortured? Huh, that's actually notreally what happened here.

So we're going to getback to that in a moment.

In the beginning of Dragon BallSuper: Broly the movie, Paragus has been confirmed to be acolonel within King Vegeta's army.

This is Broly.

He is the child of colonel Paragus.

In the United States Army, Marine, Corpsand Air Force a colonel is the most senior field grade military officer rank, kindof similar to a captain within the Navy.

Paragus used his influence as a colonelto place his son within an incubator chamber inside a special unit thatis reserved for the Saiyan elites.

So, he was already willing tobend the rules for his son.

Then once he finds out that his sonwas being exiled to a different planet, Paragus goes to Prince Vegeta, getson his knees, and tries to reason with him to please let his son live.

King Veggeta refuses and withouthesitation, Paragus immediately leaves everything behind.

And within a second, he breaks throughthe window and goes to save his son.

That shows you how much he loves his son.

He's willing to sacrifice his entirelivelihood with no hesitation for his son.

The Paragus is not just aperson who loves his son.

He is also a proud father.

Look at his reaction when he first seesBroly for the first time on planet Vampa.


You took down a monster andthen ate its leg, didn't you? That's my boy.

Yes, yes, very good son.

This is Broly.

This is really not typicalbehavior of Saiyan fathers.

They don't typically say.

I'm proud of you son.

That is not what they typically do.

It's not like a Saiyan manto worry about his children.

But Paragus, he wants toshow his love towards Broly.

And then later when we find out thatthere's not enough resources for all three of them to survive, Paragusis willing to kill his comrade in order to extend his son's survival.

Another piece of evidence that heis an incredible father is the fact that throughout the entire timethat they were on planet Vampa.

It is very clear that Paragus hasprioritized his son over his own health.

When Cheelai and Lemo first arriveon planet Vampa you can see that Paragus is barely able to walk.

He looks, he lost a lot of weight.

He can barely breathe.

He is tired.

He clearly hasn't been eating well.

So, you may think that the same thingis happening to Broly, but the moment we see Broly, we actually see the opposite.

Broly is eating, he's healthy, he looks well and he's able to easily defeat the monster.

It's very obvious that Paragushas been giving more food to his son than he has for himself.

He is willing to die.

As long as his son is able to survive.

But loving your son is not enough.

You have to teach them some life lessons.

And it is very clear thatParagus has taught his son some manners, even in a planet wherethere aren't any other people.


Not even a thanks? Remember your manners Broly.

Thank you very much.

I am grateful.

Why so formal? Remember your manners Broly.

Thank you very much.

I am grateful.

He taught his son to be grateful forwhat they have, even if they don't have much at all, even something assimple as a piece of chocolate, that is something for his son to be grateful for.

That is a great lesson thatParagus has taught his son.

One of the misconceptions is thathe doesn't allow his son to have any friends that he is a controlling father.

Did you want to know thereason that Paragus told Broly to not make any friends? It's not because he doesn't want him tohave friends is because he knows that Broly is a dangerous person who mightactually kill you if you piss him off.

And then we get into the “torture scene”.

A lot of people say, Oh mygoodness, he is torturing his son.

That's not actually what happened.

Take a look at this, using thisremote device, which pumps a bolt of electricity through his body.

That's not a strong current, but it allowsme to reign him in when he acts out.

This device works similarly to ataser pumping about 50, 000 volts of electricity at the subject.

It is painful for a couple of seconds, but it's not enough to really hurt Broly.

But of course, Lemo and Cheelai are socialjustice warriors who like to jump to conclusions without having all the facts.

He's your son.

How could you do that to him? If I hadn't stopped him, hemight've killed that bafoon.

That's your fault.

You're the one who raisedhim to be this way.

We may be in your debt, but youdon't know anything about us, woman.

From now on you don't come near my son.

Broly has a problem thatParagus cannot control.

He's willing to kill peopleand he can't control his anger.

All that Paragus is doing is preventinghis son from becoming a murder.

And in fact, even somebody likeFrieza is concerned about this.

And has this mighty warrior losthis mind and exploded since then? Yes sir, but on the rarest occasions.

Your saying this could still happen? You brought danger to my ship.


There's no need to worry.

I swear.

But the purpose of this is not just toprevent Broly from killing other people.

It's also to preventBroly from losing control.

We can actually see that Paragusndoesn't like using this device.

A lot of people think that atthis point, Paragus is smiling, and that he's enjoying this.

But if you actually zoom in, you cantell that he is grinding his teeth.

He's not actually enjoying this.

He doesn't like it.

And that is very clearby his facial expression.

That is part of the reason why herather have his son not make any friends because he doesn't wantto be forced to use the device.

On his so.

Broly, we are here to eat, not speak.

Don't waste your energy.

Seriously? You won't even let him talk.

I'd appreciate it.

If you minded your ownbusiness, stand down, Broly.

Broly! We may be in your debt, but youdon't know anything about us.

When Broly was about to kill thatdude, did Cheelai do anything about it? Nope.

She just sat there and let it happen.

And you know, what Paraguswas read about Cheelai.

Paragus says that Cheelai isa bad influence on his son.

And this was proven correct towardsthe end of Dragon Ball Super Broly.

Broly ends up losing control.

And this is what Cheelai's reaction is.

Poor guy.

His dad's forcing him.



Paragus taking an innocent kid andraising him to be a cold-blooded savage.

Now he's snapped guy's broken.

His dad is forcing him? No, Cheelai.

His dad didn't force him to do anything.

His dad was trying to prevent himfrom losing control, but you, Cheelai.

You were the one who actuallydestroyed the device that could prevent Broly from becoming a dangerto himself and to everyone else.

And Paragus didn't raise hisson to be a coldblooded savage.

He raised his son and taught himhow to defend himself and how to survive on a planet where theydon't really have any resources.

I wish there was a way we could help him.

You know, how you couldhave helped in Cheelai? By not destroying the device thatprevents Broly from losing control.

But of course you were so selfish inyour desires to not want to see him being “tortured”, that you refuse tounderstand the context of why that device was there in the first place.

As Vegeta goes into a Super SaiyanGod mode, and he's about to kill Broly, Paragus tells his son tostop because he wants to prevent his son, from getting killed.

Broly! I command you to get back here now son! You'll listen to yourfather do you hear me! What a waste.

No, it this keeps up.

Broly will be killed.

I can't let that happen.

Another misconception about Paragus isthat he forced his son to essentially join Frieza's army, but that's not true either.

It is very normal for Saiyans togo out and conquer other parents that is part of their culture.

Paragus did somethingbeautiful for his son.

He gave his son a career.

He gave his son a job.

As the father, part of your job isto set your kids up for success.

Set them on a path where they can beindependent and they can have a successful future, hopefully a successful career.

But another lesson that we canlearn from Paragus is that everyone around Paragus kept telling him thathis son is a danger to everybody.

Someday that power will likely endup driving him completely insane.

When that time comes, he'll bea danger, not just to the planet Vegeta, but to the entire universe.

That his son needs to be killed.

Be grateful that I'm exilinghim to a faraway world and not simply ending his life.

But Paragus refused to accept thatit wasn't until the end of the movie, right before Paragus getskilled, that he started questioning.


Maybe, maybe they were right.

Maybe my son is a threat to the entireuniverse because nobody can control him.

And he can't control himself.

It can't be.

What King Vegeta said might, might, actually have been the truth.

Broly is a danger to us all.

Unfortunately, Paragus endsup getting killed for his son.

And this is the tragic story of Paragus.

Paragus loves his son.

He went against the Saiyan culture oftypically not caring about your own kids.

He pretty much his entire lifewas dedicated for his son and he ended up getting killed for it.

Every action that Paragus has takenin this movie has always been for the direct benefit of his son.

And a lot of people think that he forcedhis son to fight against Vegeta, but that's not actually what happened.

Before Paragus even gave the order.

It was very clear that Brolyhimself; he wanted to fight Vegeta.

He was angry.

He wanted to get revenge.

It would seem he can't waitto get a piece of them.

Goku and Vegeta are veryselfish individuals.

They usually do things that betterthemselves, even if that means putting their kids on the sidelinesor not being there for them.

Have they done things for their kids? Of course, they have, but overall, Goku and Vegeta are not the examples that we want to follow us, men, as to how to raise our kids.

Basically what Goku and Vegeta dois they defer it to their wifes.

Chichi and Bulma are the ones who havetruly raised Trunks, Goten, and Gohan.

Whereas the fathers, they've justbeen on their own, doing their training and doing other things.

Paragus didn't have hiswife to take care of Broly.

Paragus did everything himself, and this is why Akira Toriyama is such a genius because he completelychanged the character of Paragus.

When Akira Toriyama re-wrote Paragusfor the Dragon Ball Super Broly movie, he made sure to turn him into somebodythat's an incredible father, even though on the surface, he looks like a badfather, but when you actually analyze the movie and we watch it, you'llrealize that he is the best father.

And one little detail thatnobody has ever spoken about.

In the beginning of the movie, it is veryclear that Paragus has both his eyes.

In fact, when we even see the flashbackof Paragus killing Ba, he still has both his eyes, but in the present, he is missing one of his eyes that likely happened because of Broly.

Paragus has confirmed that hisson went into the Oozaru form and that Paragus almost lost hislife, trying to calm him down.

It was never revealed how he losthis eyes, but it is almost certain that it was because of Broly.

That Broly was the one whotook his eyes or injured it.

Broly may have been the reason thatParagus is missing an eye and even so, even though Broly did something sohorrible Paragus still loves him as a father and is still very proud of his son.

To me, he is the best father.

And hey, if you want to argue, and youdon't think that he's a good father and you have reasons to believe thatVegeta or Goku are better fathers, let me know in the comments below, but makesure that you back it up with evidence.


Cause I just gave you all the evidencefor Paragus is so it is your turn.

To back up your evidenceif you have another theory.

I just hope you guys have a wonderfulday today, but those of you guys who are fathers, thank you so muchfor being there for your kids.

And for those of you who aren't fathers, yet you will be in the future so make sure that you take these lessons fromthe show and apply them to your world.


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