April 15, 2021


what's up guys over to him while I'm scooter magruder this is scooter gaming and today we're playing some dead by daylight joining me salmon's don't die John yep talk to the people yo what did you baby if you don't know this is being recorded in front of a

live video audience gasps heaven Auto Haven records where you at John I'm right by generate right behind you right behind you don't use your sprepper creeping I'm not I'm creeping get on there we go baby great start alright skill checks only great skill check challenge no buy ready

failed we are already in triangle formation this is perfect now here's the thing do we explore which demon lady skill checks only split scatter yeah derp scatter what is Jacob doing are you going to use my sperm first we're done bro get away from me oh my gosh

I should have known what that sound front I really need to know what Jacob eat butt is doing I don't have spray gun I don't have time don't get hit and mad don't get hit oh let's finish that scary let's finish this general shit take him away John

take him away remember your training Oh Mike I remember your training oh my I don't see it bro oops here leaving me you see them you see the mind yeah yeah do I take a chance [Applause] [Music] bro you'll take of yeah and that person's coming to get

you like nothing ever happened what do you mean what hook nothing I'm good I'm good I'm good you mean I'm good what huh good chat I know you saw that I know you saw that chat like nothing hey get away from me no hug see we lost we

lost John no we lost anyway war optimist just need like good team I just need non trash teammates that's what I need here we go come on generator I'll bring Blau okay cool or we up get her get crazier away perfect they don't want to stay with me

though do I hold everyone I'm scared okay white [Music] Wow oh you're good I'm agree to talk to me speak to me finish your gin hey I think they're running away just finish your gin very scared okay David sell one hook perfect finish they're not she's not even

on you she's not worried about you her creep walked somewhere you're good finish your gin you got time to edit your name come soak me in that order here we go Greg hammer run yup run run all right I mean you just break cars all right here we

go three two one no no okay we got to we got to James all right come this way yeah but keep on your a it right here right here come right here keel action yes crucial crucial channel formation if you believe we're gonna survive I need you to

type one right now if you think we're gonna get link type two triangle formation has been ascent Istanbul do we hit him with the octagonal formation is too quite we need to we need to know we need to elevate to the perfection ooh triangle perfection do we do

a triangle perfection okay okay but we're healed what's your sprint this is your sprint Birds back nope okay let's grow this line we can wait no no there's no generator there's two generators this way okay we need it we need to split the distance oh crap okay so

I saw one generator and okay I don't think there's a generator over here no what the heck of my dear I was going to – it's alright now we're getting closer to the killer I think so this should be good turn okay the one in the middle yeah

we might need to just let this person die I'll bondage in are you on a gym yeah chat do we let this person die to benefit ourselves yes or no you can go get that person off the gym for off-the-hook attempting so oh my what happened came face-to-face

with Oh looking at she on you I think so oh my god McGruder they're behind me this is not ideal scatter scatter I'm going to them one of them one of them okay okay diversionary tactics perfect just get on a jam get on a change on oh my

gosh I thought they were behind you let him go get up row gotta let me here replace me come to where I am John get on this gin I'll go get them I don't see nothing oh you don't have you let him die we gotta let him die

this point or or let God be well into it generator I'm almost done we got to rush this yeah we got a rush dang eggs disperse okay we're boy triangle all right go perfect it's just me and you John I'm with it find a gin John scatter come

with me come with me we got a break her off a wave one of us has to survive so both of us can't survive on by Jim I'm on a gin John what where are you I'm hearing heartbeats getting into a generator should not be too hard oh

my god run where are you where are you oh I see here oh my god she's gonna be freaky I see you John oh my gosh she would invisible I'm scared oh my gosh remember trains been on a good pen I'm on a gin keep watching bye John

I don't see her but I'm on a Jen keep her occupied we're done that was my that was my diversionary tactic you know I'm saying what happened a blue of a generator I'll kindly leading him over there at least okay I think you're saying almost aka 50% and

so on the generator oh my gosh oh my god where are you where are you I'm right next to you to your left body to your left alright I'm sorry I'm running with you I'm running with you alright oh are you well I see you I see you

okay come this way come this way come this way there behind me oh my gosh no there behind you they're coming I don't know where you are dude you say you're seeing me we're done no you're good you're good you're good you're good John I don't know you're

good job earth is my second 50% be the change Oh chat type W right now for John will him to victory Oh 75% on what go seven okay go Oh get off John Go Go I might be out John hey 80% 80% oh my gosh please please please

please please please please please please it was white it was over that was your last talk I guess it was over find the exit I believe in you no I need to find the fricken I believe in you oh my gosh I'll be your eyes you can go

so you can fly oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh Sean I need the escape hatch breather take a breather closed it take it close back take a breather oh my gosh I'm breathing I'm breathing please please please please please oh my gosh oh my gosh

oh my gosh my break it [Music] why did you oh my god oh my gosh you we're not typing w right now I cannot help you I cannot help you are you not entertained man Brooke yeah that was chill yes lay back real true no big deal real

chill big deal oh torment creek Coleman farm were you at Cole wind farm torment Creek oh I'm right next to the blender oh okay I'm next to the other guy oh we're all here we're all here all for everyone on the gin everyone on the Gin Gin rush

great skill checks only warrant we won great skill checks only killers coming killers coming everyone else is soft everyone else is soft oh my gosh they're blocking me oh my gosh Circle tactics okay I should probably just disengage right now trying to circle tactics midday ssin I feel

like I should go back to that I feel like someone else should have stuck it with me and the gin would have been done absolutely absolutely there's like a over same when I got off of it oh my gosh back to the man that you stopped it leaky

flashlight tape Celie be all right where is he right there oh my god crap crap I've aired oh my god he's coming what are we doing are all four of us here I'm just getting on the gin well this guy just disconnected freaky match freaky match Yolo techniques

I flip either Jolo techniques yeah come out of it man hormone generator I don't need to come in drama here you go sticking a great skill checks only oh crap no nice stuck it blend it you've chosen your fate oh my gosh I'm running into Hey okay okay

okay we're good okay we're good we're not good but sort of if you think about but not really we have three people in fortunes it's never good to have more people than gins with someone day John status report I'm fixing a gentleman just oh all this bling I

ain't listening up showing is showing this killer her training she working I'm been to the McGruder Institute Bobby face of maneuvers status report job 60% on the generator 50 sorry I was just trying to think about the acronym for recruiter Institute of evasive maneuvers but it's not as

not a pretty accurate it's meme she went to me you'd be like mine nah that's gross here at mine I mean I went to computer Institute of Technology where'd you go the Owlman yeah man when day is it's coming in crucial with you you just got that generator

I was good yeah I just got it the blend egg is putting it work right now oh I see blender running around I'm on the gin in the shack the big shack I have no idea what's where the blend dad went to work on the generator I'm just

like watching I mean this if we Freddy's were out I'm not I'm in front row of it chase okay okay we've when dead is putting in all types of work 25% great skill checks I just got a good one tell no one can get a tell no one

in chat right now great skill checks only you good status report 50% 70% 70% to go laying dead putting in don't Wow to go yeah 70 80 please name great skill checks only John I try but I keep hitting good we're done why did this guy disconnect she

finally got it we got to get the curtain up we gotta get the first fitting revenge on way through our finisher Jim working way too hard boom that was a great one finisher Jane job it was a great one free do I'm with you yeah Wow okay we

don't open that door okay I'm gonna 99 this one 99 thirst well I'm gonna go over to them what wait we got to go together okay I'm gonna chat do we save the blend a type one for yes type 2 for no I'm right by the blue sticky

chance okay this door is 99 all right then come come come come come coming in 299 the other one or just open the other one all right I'm gonna go for the door I don't know where the door is you go for the person since you have a

you go for the person John oh I will I'm go for the door oh my god go for the person nice okay I got you all right it's all good let's go you're not typing w w I can't help you I really can at this point I really

can't what more do you want do you need what more do you want those were good matches this is elite gameplay that is being delivered to the people for free and I would advise you to also subscribe my twitch to see this greatness of life stop what but

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