April 11, 2021

The Best of Desi Lydic in Quarantine | The Daily Social Distancing Show

[Music] [Applause] [Music] coronavirus there are so many questions how is it spread how do we stop it and most importantly who's to blame well I've been watching Fox News for 48 hours straight and I think I'm ready to Fox plain it okay first off the World Health Organization or as I like to call the World Health Organization tag teams with the Communist Democrat Republic of China who's president by the way has the same barber as George Soros coincidence yeah if you're Chuck Schumer maybe but anyway back to dr.

Tsao Qi do you know where this guy went to medical school I'll give you a hint BER yzma that's right Hillary Clinton or as I like to call her hydroxychloroquine reclaim that's part one now part three 5g joven 19 more like kovat 60 this is a pandemic not a pandemic Washington legalizes need and then are the first state hit three months before for 20th here's my questions Jill Biden's hedge fund can raise three trillion from France and meanwhile more people in this country die from skinny pig attacks no no no no Hollywood radical left-wing statistic what are you doing tonight watching Netflix who has a deal with Netflix Barack Obama who is Barack Obama's first wife tell you it wasn't Steve three gallon drugs have expired that and fluoridated hand sanitizer what does the gn5 G stand for glutens what's everyone doing Democrats want to vote by kwibi ha ha no not in my country oh I have a question exactly how many Cuomo's are there that we know of folks it's time to open this economy mr.

piller was correct every patriotic American should call their senator and say please let me die Illuminati credit-card Mark Zuckerberg college lien sauce oh in the Charmin they're the one who wears underwear bears don't wear underwear okay well I think that pretty much sums everything up I mean we now know who's to blame for coronavirus by everybody Oh Joe Biden's is Don [Music] we learn about a month into South quarantine now and while some people will have to fight the virus itself there's another hidden enemy our emotions people who have died from coronavirus just part of the anxiety the worst of the corona virus is yet to come a lot of folks are really anxious about this Cable News is doing a great job at scaring the shit out of me so I decided to talk with an expert in emotions dr.

Steve Taylor he's a professor of psychiatry and he's also the author of the book the psychology of pandemics dr.

Taylor thanks for talking to us how are you doing hanging in there so obviously a lot of people are very concerned about their physical health during this time and trying to stay healthy and not get sick how important is maintaining good mental health during this time it's hugely important because a lot of the stresses about cover 19 don't have to do so much about your physical health they have to do with the impact of not being able to go out to work the impact of being so isolated so managing those stresses is hugely important how afraid should we be like on a scale of one to ten jars of urine that I'm collecting just in case they cut off the water that depends on your individual situation some people have realistic concerns particularly frail medically frail seniors but we don't need to freak out so you'd say maybe scale back to four jars of urine and having a jar we talking about them yeah like a mason sighs oh no he's one jar of that it's for the whole family no each each each other's urine oh yeah that's gross all right you don't have to get judging what are some tricks for handling stress and anxiety during this outbreak you know there's no one-size-fits-all everyone's different and it's important to use whatever coping strategies that you've used before it's getting in structure for yourself you better routine for your children things like that whatever stress management method work for you could be physical exercise or something we'll be using this as an opportunity to try things for meditation so there are all kinds of things to try so for meditation how many benadryl should I be slipping into my child's breakfast so I can accomplish this you know wait till it goes down for now that's probably better you're saying don't give him benadryl yeah he'll be fine job he's fine how well do you think Americans are equipped psychologically to deal with this kind of pandemic all the good news is people can be really resilient to stress most people are but they are going to look to their leaders for advice and leaders need to be really careful about the sort of messages they send out people's anxieties about infection depends on whether they see their leaders as responsible and trustworthy and able to do the job so you said you said our leaders it comes down to our leadership in pot thank you doctor I was pretty panicked when we started this call and now I'm I'm even more panicked so thank you for your expertise welcome stay healthy you too so there you have it as long as we practice good stress management and have responsible leadership Americans are gonna be emotionally okay [Music] what a lot of people don't know and this is really embarrassing is that The Daily Show is actually related to Fox News yeah what we found out is that Jeanine Pirro is actually desi lydic aren't twice removed through her grandfather on her mother's sister's side and as any good niece would do she checked in with aunt Jeanine recently to see how she's handling quarantine and I don't think she's doing great hey aunt Jeanine just wanted to check in on you and see how you're doing thanks so much for being with us tonight yeah yeah of course how are you holding up with all this Kovan stuff covent is being used as a cover to fund liberal progressive programs okay you know what Anthony can we just please not get into all the conspiracy stuff right now just talk about anything else how about destroying Supreme Court justice nominee with rules that wouldn't get passed a fifth grade government class I'd rather not know politics just not in tune with America hey come on I mean it it's a pretty dress it looks like your shoulders are gift-wrapped like what shows are you watching we've been catching up on Jersey Shore have you seen it Jim's hair salons and tattoo parlors close gym tan laundry GTL yeah we've been binging it I mean it's just it's it's actually kind of hard to stop watching why I let them have that power over us I don't know fun escapism that is absolutely stunning it is just stunning to me okay well just wanting to make sure everyone was safe and healthy the rumors are that kim jeong-hoon of of north korea is gravely ill or have you ever heard anything no I don't have any intel in the North Korean government you you have groceries and everything you need we're we're mostly just doing delivery like dim sum that kind of thing the Chinese government photos – I can't make these pirates allegedly let out of their lab okay that look you know I can you have done okay look Antonina if you can't just have a normal conversation I'm just gonna have to go in paint nope by Obama gate it's the big new scandal on the right but what actually is the scandal well I've been binge watching Fox News for 48 hours straight and I'm ready to fox blame Obama he assembles the ultra liberal vegan deep state homies clapper aoc Rodman tipis you better believe the Geek Squad is involved anyway they all start spying on Donald Trump's cell phone who's the cellphone carrier t-mobile what is the T stand for – Burke and Greta take your little sail boat back to Greenland Greta you're not doing voter fraud in this country ever again there's a question why are we even targeting Flynt because he did a little work in Turkey guess what millions of Americans every year do a little work in Turkey it's called Thanksgiving but there are still some mysteries that we deserve answers to this was Barack Obama's White House what was Joe Biden doing how is it possible that the former president and the former vice president were working together illegal wiretap FISA Court MLB homerun Derby you want a real quid pro quo check out Obama's 2014 Christmas card Art Basel it's past time for Donald Trump to drain the swamp folks and everyone is in on FBI CIA to XSL the PT Cruiser willing at put it all together and what do you get I'd spell it out for you but down she's probably listening free range birth control key vampire mask that's not suspicious to you who is Flo from progressive Megaman X what about Megaman Q this storm is coming hope you can read Arabic pal if you still don't get it listen to the president himself what crime exactly are you accusing President Obama of committing and do you believe the Justice Department should prosecute him obama game that's it it's obvious you already know obama gate is obama gate so there you have it that's obama gate explained by Air Force One is a hologram [Music] we all know that the healthcare system is under an immense amount of pressure right now so I'm about to talk to one of the many New York City doctors who's fighting this crisis to find out what we at home can do the help oh hey dr.

Mike how goes it dr.

Mike here ready to answer some questions wow you look like a TV doctor or something you're but you're a real doctor legitimate board-certified family medicine physician Wow Wow okay he's not just an everyday doctor dr.

Mike was also the sexiest doctor alive according to People magazine but I'm a professional so that won't be an issue [Music] sorry I I just I've been quarantined for many many days how does it feel to be a doctor right now well it's scary times because we're facing equipment shortages and we want to take care of ourselves and our patients but we also need to understand that we're taking a huge risk being on the front lines so just to be clear we need to adhere to social distancing even if if we are young and attractive is that right yes that's really how it should stay because you want to be socially distancing yourself from others in order to flatten the courage to decrease it demand that's being put on hospitals nowadays if you have to leave your house and you have to go on some sort of run for food or medicine how close is too close ideally you'd want to keep six feet away from anyone that you're not familiar with would this be too close in my medical professional medical opinion I would say that it's too close so six feet and they're washing your hands is this too close that would be too close I mean someone that you live at home with totally different story I'm not quarantined with anybody at home it's it's really just me nice there's a there's a child sorry it's my super it's doing a quick repair on the on the refrigerator sounds young for a super he's he's a grown man but he's very small very small cuz we have a mini fridge that's not an adult yeah you know doctor Mike we're all pretty freaked out about this how bad do you think it's gonna get well my slogan here is alert not anxious without getting emotional about it you're able to make better decisions I'm glad you brought that up I would love to talk about my feelings for a little bit with you and I'd love to hear about your feelings right now I'm feeling alone love to have someone to sit next to and crack open a bottle of wine what are you feeling doc I do want to warn you that drinking too much alcohol actually impairs certain cells of your immune system from fighting off viruses and bacterias so if you're going to be having a glass of wine make sure it's just that a glass of wine a night what about one glass of each type of wine like you could do one red one white one Rose a little champagne I think you're just adding more alcohol and that could be even described as binge drinking agree to disagree but either way thank you doctor Mike for taking the time to speak with us and thank you to all the healthcare workers out there putting yourselves on the front lines of course it's my job you have to go poo okay I got it sorry my super has to go poo so I got a I gotta go all right um thank you dr.

Mike yeah okay I'm coming I'm coming [Music].

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