April 15, 2021

this HOME WORKOUT will drastically change your ENTIRE butt

In today's home workout, we are setting your butt on fire we're starting off with a warm-up of jumping jacks Tuck your abs in keep a slight bend in your knee and just jump your feet in and out We are going to be targeting butt and hips only And it is lit I have a surprise for you in this workout Go ahead and do your wide squats put your toes pointed out sit back drop low This workout is going to be featuring glute bridges and a glute bridge hold actually, not just one a couple of those and Fire hydrants it is literally lit Go back into those jumping jacks Make sure your stomach is sucked in you want a very firm stomach a slight bend in your knee and just go beast mode That was perfect give me those wide squats again chose pointed out sit back go low Get excited this workout is going to change your booty.

This boat workout is not a game It's not a joke.

Are you ready? Three two, one drop to the flo because we are starting off with glute bridges with your glute bridges It's so important to make sure that your ankle is directly underneath your knee You may need to watch this preview a few times before you jump in This first round do bodyweight.

No added weight.

Let's go Just 30 seconds if you can go slower than me That's even better squeeze your glutes to go up when you get to the top hold it and then release I see that smile on your face.

I like that This is your new favorite butt workout, I guarantee it Three seconds Done.

Give me that glute bridge hold you are going to do the same movement you are doing in your glute bridges except now you Are going to hold your booty up in the air This is our new sleeping position.

This is how we take our naps Now we take our naps with our booty in the air because we're not here to play games.

Let's go 45 seconds if you cannot hold for the whole 45 seconds Hold for as long as you can write down how long you are able to hold for and the next time you do this workout Just keep track of how you're making progress You will see that the more you do this workout the longer you can hold your glute bridge hold Relax your arms Squeeze your booty make sure you have full extension of your hips That just means you are doing your best to raise your butt as high as you can squeeze You have less than 10 seconds to go Almost there That was awesome.

Now if you have a dumbbell that you want to use now, it's a good time to grab it I will be doing just bodyweight in this entire workout, but you're welcome to put your dumbbell on your hip to make this more challenging Hold on to it and squeeze.

Let's go You are about to be looking like a dime piece do people still say that I don't know but it sounds good Keep those feet nice and flat on the floor.

You don't want to be on your tiptoes You don't want your heel to be on the floor until it's pointing to the ceiling flat foot Beautiful Five seconds to go you're killing it you're doing it you're doing the thing All right, next up.

We have another glute bridge hold this workout When you finish you're gonna be like the giraffe if you don't foam roll But you already knew that you already know you have to foam roll Get ready for it.

Let's go just extend your hip and hold.

That's all you have to do Relax your arms pick a spot on the ceiling and just look at it.

Think about the the YouTube point Oh that you're working toward think of all the people that did you dirty? I'm just kidding or am I? Squeeze your glutes It's going to burn I know you're wondering if you should also put that weight on your hip with your glute bridge hold I do not recommend it right now unless you've done this workout a couple of times then you can experiment with that But just holding with body weight it's fire Awesome give me those glute bridges again This is the last set of glute bridges before you get a break So do as many as you can in the 30 seconds and just relax because round 2 of this workout is even better Extend that hip all the way up as high as you can get it The roof the roof the roof is on fire.

We don't need no water Somebody stop stop her you Are doing an awesome job less than 10 seconds to go you got this Keep going squeeze to extend your hip Beautiful.

You've nailed it now You're going to give me one more round of a glute bridge hold This workout is not gonna be playing no games with your booty.

It's here to slay.

Are you ready? Let's go Just 45 seconds, that's all you have to do and you get a whole break Pay attention to your hips make sure you are fully extending them Meaning you're raising that butt as high as you can and you are squeezing Relax your arms.

Relax your shoulders.

I Know what do you mean relax? I know do your best Pay attention to your feet.

Make sure your ankles are directly underneath your knees Just hold steady, you can do it.

You can definitely do it you have just and Seconds to go 5 4 3 2 1 boom, go ahead and catch your breath take a break Hi, just a kiss.

You're new here.

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So give it a shot See if it's right for you Welcome back Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back We are doing fire hydrants because we need to target that side area of the hips in this butt workout you are doing at home You want to raise your knee as high as you can suck your abs in Don't worry you're not doing 45 seconds of this on only one leg.

We're gonna switch legs in just a moment Make sure you pause at the top of the movement raise pause and then bring your knee back down Beautiful this will burn It will burn but it's the good kind of burn go ahead and switch our legs and do the same movement on the other side Keep your wrists directly underneath your shoulder Raise that leg as high as it will go your goal is to get your thigh parallel to the floor And guess what we're gonna do after this just take a wild guess It's something you're experienced in.

Let's go.

It's gonna be 45 seconds of these glute bridge holds by the time you're done with this workout You're gonna know that you've done something good for yourself.

Are you ready? Let's go Or more like less hold Hold it hold it raise that booty keep it in the air.

You may need some support You may need to call for backup, but girl you got this Relax your arms relax your shoulders squeeze Think about the you that is snatching edges with your new booty, I mean same booty, but just stronger and worked on Less than ten seconds to go Three two one you did the thing you did that.

Yes more good bitches Listen, are you in are you ready? I know you can do it.

I know you can do it I saying you I seen what you can do.

Let's go raise Release raise release you may find in this round that you're doing it faster than you are doing it before Because you're a little tired that's normal the more you do this workout the better it gets Almost there.

Keep going keep going And Time give me those fire hydrants again We are going to attack that side booty Oliver again the side of your hips is what we're aiming for here mmm I know you're wondering if you should've used ankle weights the first time you do this workout I recommend body weight once you are used to it Then you can add in the ankle weights Suck your abs in make sure your back is flat You want a straight line from your head to your hip a straight align as you can manage? Switch legs and do the same on the other side.

You're almost done with this workout.

It's almost complete Don't worry.

You're gonna make it You have only two more exercises after this one and I wonder what they are.

Hmm, what could it be All right, don't think about it just be about it This is the last time you are doing this in this workout and it's for a good cause Take a deep breath.

Kumbaya you got this use a queen.

Let's go Do your best If this is where it gets real and this is where you get to show me who's boss You're in charge here Just hold this glute bridge hold Hold it the way you will hold on to your wig on a windy day.

Yes tight dear life You have just 15 seconds to go fifteen ten Nine seven Five three one And our last move of the day what a surprise we have our beloved glute bridges Listen, if you do this workout consistently you will see a difference Last exercise of the day.

Give me your best Give me your best.

Don't take anything with you.

What are you gonna do with it? Nothing give it to me You're doing such an amazing job raise that hip as high as you can Keep going, you can do it really focus on squeezing your butt You may start to feel this in the back of your thigh a little bit because it's helping you that's okay that's not a bad thing and Time you did it you worked out Today and you focused on the booty.

There is no cool-down in this video because You got a foam roll.

Can you see this? Can you see? You got a foam roll when you do lower body exercises You form roll your booty you form all the back of your thigh.

You form all the front of your thigh I get my foam rollers off of Amazon.

Thank you so much for working out with me today subscribes mates You challenged haven't done so already and I'll see your amazing face in my next workout videos You.

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