April 15, 2021

Tips and Tricks – 5 Tips for Forza Horizon 4

[XBOX SOUND] Forza is back at it again with its latestrelease “Forza Horizon 4”.

For those unfamiliar with the Horizon series, this is basically Forza Motosport’s cheeky Cousin.

Rather than focusing on the hyper realisticraces, Horizon is more arcade, focusing on the fun of racing and the gorgeous, open world.

This world is not only massive but there’splenty to do, from Danger Sign’s to Bonus Board Smashing, to Speed Traps to Drift zones.

There are Showcase events, Dirt/Road/Streetor Cross Country Races.

There are Live events, seasonal events- waitdid we mention the seasons? Because oh baby, this game has 4 of em.

And after you pass level 20, they change weekly! But you’ll have to prove your worth in thisworld in order to live your best Horizon Life, so here are 5 Tips to put you on that path! Tip #1: Control yourself! Despite what you may think, this isn’t apedal-to-the-metal game.

To be a good driver, you can not focus onspeed alone.

Sure you might blow past the competition, but the second you need to make a turn, you’re going to fly off track! To be a good driver in Forza you must haveControl.

This means feathering your throttle, breakingbefore corners, and mastering the drifting.

Sure, from time to time you may fly off road, and if you’retoo proud to use that rewind button, then know what to do to save yourself – Let goof the gas, course-correct, and feather that throttle.

Tip #2: Up That Difficulty Horizon 4 starts you off at a basic difficultylevel, but this is to help ease you into the “Forza” feel of the game.

As useful as this is, you’re missing outon earning valuable Credits.

So as soon as you feel comfortable with themechanics, head into the difficulty settings of the menu and adjust it to fit your style.

We recommend leaving the Drivatar difficultyas is, then bumping Driving Assists Difficulty to “Hard”.

This will automatically boost your CR by anextra 15% over the Medium setting.

This does two things: takes off traction control(which can easily be adjusted) and gets rid of the Full driving line.

To be honest, that full driving line isn’tneeded.

Having it set to “Braking Only” can trulyhelp you take a corner with an optimal speed.

The line will only appear when are at riskof losing control.

If its yellow, a drift can handle the turnpretty well, but if its red, you have to slow it down or you’re going to miss it.

Tip #3: Living it Up A nice part of Forza Horizon 4 is the abilityto buy houses.

These houses all can act as fast travel locations! But there is 1 house that we truly recommendbuying, that is, once you have the dough.

The Fairlawn Manor is a hefty 2, 000, 000 creditsbut it is VERY much worth it! This house comes with some Swag, 10 SuperWheel Spins -That’s right! 10! And the best perk of them all.

Fast Travel to ANY road on the map! No more finding the closest location to theForzaThon, with this house you can Fast-travel STRAIGHT TO IT! And yes, Fast travel can cost you quite afew credits, but if you decide to hunt down those fast travel signs, you can easily dropthe price.

And if you get them all, its free.

Tip #4: Festival Loopholes Fast-travel becomes pretty useful, especiallyif a Forzathon event is clear across the map.

Although you have to buy houses to unlockfast travel locations, you’re always allowed to fast travel to the Horizon Festival, howeverthis will cost you quite a bit.

Luckily, there’s a bit of a loop hole forthose just starting out who haven’t had time to grab all the Fast Travel signs.

Press start and navigate over to the “CreativeHub” tab.

Then make your way to the Design box.

If you choose a design, the game will promptto teleport you to the Horizon Festival to apply the design.

Select yes, and click out of the menus and*boom* you’re at the horizon festival, free of charge.

Tip #5: I did it… Myyy Wayyy [Chuckles] Forza Horizon 4 is a massive game that wecould give you so many tips for, but overall, you should just do you! The game was built to allow a multitude ofpeople to, not only race to level up, but to participate in an assortment of activitiesand be rewarded just the same! Whether you like photography, designing cars, turning cars, exploring the map, doing insane stunts, or just collecting cars.

You will be rewarded for everything.

Play Forza Horizon 4 your way, your style, and do what makes you happy.

On that note as well, trying other activitiesis also rewarding.

Even if you don’t get first or all 3 stars, you’re still rewarded for trying.

Explore the options.

Also, taking a look at your Horizon life canshow you what you’ll unlock the next level, which might incentivize you to try somethingnew.

Forza Horizon 4 is truly a game worth experiencing.

The world feels alive, and the constantlychanging seasons, can make the map and races feel new with each week.

The diversity of cars seems unending, andthe detail put into each one is absolutely mind boggling.

Point is, for those who don’t consider themselves“Car People” and those that do for that matter, you’ll have a fun time with ForzaHorizon 4 either way.


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