March 2, 2021

Top Vaccine Doctor Says Trump Fired Him For Telling The Truth


Rick bright who was the director of the federal agency leading the charge to find a vaccine for corona virus had been removed from his position by the Trump administration and essentially demoted to what he has referred to as a less impactful role and in an open letter to the public he has made clear that he believes that this has been retaliation due to the fact that he has been resistant toward using congressionally appropriated funds on acquiring drugs that he feels are not scientifically proven to treat coronavirus drugs like chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine in his letter and I'm gonna read you a few excerpts he wrote unfortunately this resulted in clashes with HHS political leadership including criticism for my protective efforts to invest early in vaccines and supplies critical to saving American lives I also resisted efforts to fund potentially dangerous drugs promoted by those with political connections so he specifically called out the hydroxychloroquine promotions during these press conferences he says specifically and contrary to misguided directives I limited the broad use of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine promoted by the administration as a panacea but which clearly lack the scientific merit while I'm prepared to look at all options and think outside of the box for effective treatments I rightly resisted efforts to provide an unproven drug on demand to the American public I insisted that these drugs be provided only to hospitalized patients with confirmed kovat 19 while under the supervision of a physician these drugs have potentially serious risks associated with them including increased mortality observed in some recent studies in patients with kovat 19 and he's absolutely right Sweden has completely stopped using hydroxychloroquine for kovat 19 patients in Brazil they had to stop a study that used the drug on coronavirus patients because many of them developed vier heart conditions some of them also died as a result of the side-effects connected to the drug yeah look in a rational world the fact that he was pushed out after apparently at least from this account doing the right thing would provide a little bit of solace it would help to boost his reputation in reality it'll likely just result in the Republicans attacking him more viciously because not only was he cast out by the Trump administration which means that like Chum thrown in the ocean a right winger has to attack that target to prove their loyalty but also he was right about something scientific and so he has to be destroyed there were two sorts of people like this whole time for the past month both in terms of media and in terms of doctors there were the people who were urging caution while usually tinged with hope hope that this would be the miracle drug that people were saying but we understood the side effects that we could read I don't need to be a doctor to know that you know causing fatal heart arrhythmia is a bad thing and there were the people both media and doctors fake doctors dr.

oz dr.

Phil stuff like that who were pushing it and pretending that it was this Lazarus like cure a hundred percent and all of that and so it turns out that the people who are urging caution were wise to do so the doctors in the media and we're gonna get an apology from the other people acknowledgement that we were right no we're not gonna get anything like that in fact you're probably going to lose your job if they're in a position of power over you and you were right about this it is more inconvenient to them that you were right then that the drug doesn't work one other thing that he mentioned quite a bit in his letter was cronyism and so there's you know he's implying that there are financial interests in promoting this drug that is not scientifically proven to actually help with coronavirus in fact the studies that we've seen so far provide limited data for some possibility that it could help under some circumstances but in most cases people do suffer from serious heart condition serious side effects and look the other side of this is you know or the other negative impact of what the Trump administration is doing is that hydroxychloroquine is a drug that lupus patients rely on in order to stay alive lupus patients in the United States have had a hard time filling their prescriptions because of what Donald Trump has irresponsibly said about the drug during his press conferences and it's also used as a malaria drug and anytime anyone has the audacity to question Donald Trump or other members of the administration any time their power or their financial interests are threatened by the truth they just get rid of the person who's sharing the truth and in what most cases people who speak out against the administration do so under you know anonymity or they'll speak off the record with reporters in this case dr.

Rick bright is like you are not gonna silence me I'm gonna come out I'm gonna tell the country what's actually going on and what happened to me in one part of his letter he said sidelining me in the middle of this pandemic and placing politics and cronyism ahead of science put lives at risk and stunts national efforts to safely and effectively address this urgent public health crisis and he's absolutely right he's like I'm not gonna shut up because lives are on the line here and I'm sure he's well aware of how the Trump administration is gonna treat him moving forward in super fast I just have one other thing to say like they they wanted to present themselves look I've got this thing this thing that's gonna be amazing and they're telling you not that it's not gonna be amazing but I'm telling you it's amazing so you should think of me as the person who's doing something right now and whether or not they're financially benefiting from pushing that it appears that some and the Trump administration are it was certainly a good distraction but it was also pointless for my point of view because there was an alternative that he could have been pushing it's not a miracle drug it doesn't cure a hundred percent of people but he could have been funding masks and gloves those sorts of things hospital gowns tests he could have been doing a tour around the country delivering hand delivering photo ops photo ops galore delivering PPE to nurses around the country he could be reassuring people every day that he is going to be providing what hospitals need it would have both helped and would have helped him pragmatically in terms of appearing to actually care about this thing but he decided to go in the other and didn't do either of those that's exactly right because at the end of the day it's not really about helping people and ensuring that he saves as many lives as possible and protects as many healthcare workers as possible it's yes he cares about his re-election but more importantly what does he care even more about than getting reelected his money right so you know if there are financial ties which I wouldn't be surprised if there were considering all of the conflicts of interests we've seen from Donald Trump already one of which we'll talk about later in the show today you know if he can make a quick buck off of a tragedy like this he will if his friends can make a quick buck off of a tragedy like this they will and that's really like at the heart of every decision this guy makes but I just I don't understand like he couldn't come up with some way to make money off of the traditional solutions like I I'm confident that a conman a grifter of his talent and experience could have come up with some way to have benefited and like we're really fine oh we're going on I apologize we're having this conversation about which way is the pandemic gonna go in terms of his re-election are people gonna rally around him and the flag because it's a disaster or are they gonna see that lots of people are dying and turn away from him but he could have guaranteed it would go in his direction if he did the very easy things that he's been told to do by doctors and he wouldn't even be spending his own money he'd be spending our money to provide these supplies like do you have any doubt that if he had aggressively protected America from this pandemic that he wouldn't be reelected I have no doubt I think that he certainly would get reelected but he's not a sophisticated guy right so yes he's he's a grifter but he's not the typical sophisticated political grifter that were you were used to and he wears his cruelty on his sleeve like he doesn't care about being painted as a cruel person or being perceived as a cruel person that is who he is and he's proud of that and for a lot of his supporters it's not the bug it's the feature which is why every time you know a story comes up about him being vicious to a journalist during his press conferences I think that leg media outlets get it wrong covering that only helps him with his base they love it and he's gonna keep acting this way because he's gotten away with it throughout his entire term so it's it's pretty devastating and it's scary to see him get rid of more of the adults who are doing the right thing who are trying to help us in the middle of this pandemic but we'll follow the story and give you guys updates as it develops thanks for watching The Young Turks who really appreciate it another way to show support is through YouTube memberships you'll get to interact with us more this live chat emojis badges kind of approaches of me Anna John jr.

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