April 13, 2021

Trapped for 24 HOURS Overnight in Garage by Best Friend Hacker! (Escaping at 3am) Matt and Rebecca

okay what's wrong are they probably keeping it welcome back to the mat Rebecca channel right now we just rescued my wife and our cousin Maddie from the tiny room above our garage what's wrong Alex yeah you're probably wondering why you're saying this I have some things that I have to figure out and I can't have you ruining it do you remember we were trapped in that van for 24 hours let's just say that I took some notes working right now it looks like we actually might be trapped in here for 24 hours inside of our garage I know it might be 3 a.


here pretty soon well we should get them up girls I know how this happen like a time porking uh so maybe we might have accidentally done that to you guys wait what you did this well no Abby had to Alice chop this up there in the only way that we could get out is if she said we played this game and it was a bunch of punishments for you guys we had to do it we have some more news for you it just got a video message from Alison we're actually trapped in here she said she had some stuff to figure out and we couldn't distract her what yeah we dress my best friend she's not ready wait so we're trapped again I guess it's a little bit bigger than the tiny room yeah we have a lot more space but we have a huge mess right now so maybe we should clean this up regroup wait but before we clean up those did she mention how long is it is it a 24-hour 24 hours almost 3 a.


already stops alone Suri no don't talk about it we don't want to be up at 3 a.


it's ok it's ok why are we always in these situations but on the field you cause them for sure ok guys I know I already hit did a face reveal and take off my glasses because somebody put a pie in my face and dumped a bunch of flour in my head maybe we clean up a little bit because it's a little bit more stickers man I don't like having a big mess right now and then let's figure out these two we have nothing else to do right now [Music] all right totally cleaned up or at least cleaned up as it's gonna get right now speed resolution work out we should all work out a little bit yeah if you want maybe I could fill that I don't really need to work out okay okay although the machine lets you yeah I'll film you guys working out it sounds so fun but are you guys this thing is called the t-rex it's good for workouts oh for your upper body lower glutes even your abs even your legs you can do a ton of different things that's kind of cool so like are you uh into fit guys or guys are you this is really boring stuff new use resolution thing didn't quite work out I mean that's basically how we ended up trapped here we talked about singing more tickets okay why are you at Kmart you guys sent us the King Marke obviously yeah we never sat at Kmart we couldn't even get service up there but he really text from you okay but that's kind of weird who was that who was texting it's the debacle sent us to the trash thing yeah my nephew Brian I can't lose my ring what do you mean I saw the text and it daddy was okay okay you mrs.

Alex she's trying to put us against each other we can't trust her anymore she's not my best friend she tied up you who is her crush we've been on this journey this is all because of Alice this is all I we're trapped here today I just have one more question what it was each open stand for it was supposed to be home but I said it before I wish to II we thought like homies on Monday no as soon as we get out of this 24-hour challenge we need to go and confront know what do you do a lie detector test least reveal talk about my family history all the things she's everything everything's frightening taxes at the jail so we have to be careful but you guys Alice is working with mr.

X now she's on the other side of us how did he is he upstairs what's going on right now I mean she tricked us she told us that you guys your telomere fell into a death trap and that we needed to get a black box up there and when we went and searched for a black box she trapped that this mixer simply what do we need a black box to get out of ditch and the test vote was never in a ditch yeah I could prank us yeah did it pretty well there was Alice listen II know we did the things to you guys down here because she made us because it was the only way that we would be able to get out or else we got the sleep we didn't want to do punishments to you guys and so this sleep cloud started to come in which is why we have to finish this game or whatever you call it in here okay we need to figure a way to get out of this place right now if Alice said put an escape room upstairs which just sounded like she did maybe this room right now is on its keeper I have even more bad information we were upstairs definitely goes up there what I'm not even sure about it wait what travel to the ceiling to know um yeah really knows really well I have a booster thing right now I'm gonna put it on and zip him if anything comes up you will hear it you guys comment below if you think we should do this at 3 a.


okay what is the word what in just came out what these are clues from ghost the ghost help does actually figure this whole thing out if you think will ask for help that's the ghost for help roof and walls damn people what do you think that means to say goose that makes me know that wait wall goose there are a real ghost in here right now there's a red one you were struck we were all struck with the stuff at stake what happened okay there's definitely ghosts in here and they're trying to communicate with us what if we do ticked off right okay mm so we're gonna do a fun challenge to be honest we don't know if this those that works let's get set up and let's find a tick tock that we can all do [Music] don't make sure to follow all my idea yeah how about we both post it and we see who gets the most likes what I'm gonna do right now mini escape or what do we do like really productive that she had a video what did that mean we have to do there must be oh and you know what you through to the main right she said something about the band this the band what did we do in the van we spent 24 hours in it no the game Esther made us do what if she was influenced by that you made us do challenges so we should be looking true right now to get out that's how we can it like an escape route right it escaped room in real life so she might look cool wait you're a member when we were up there we heard a noise and we were like Alice is down there oh my gosh yes what if she was setting up an escape room in real life for all of us that's what you know you're on a date with her did she say anything like any clues about this kinda stuff oh not really she didn't really tell me anything besides like she didn't you know nothing important I'm sure has anybody talked to agent or about just like a seven hello we have to talk a little bit more so you know when we had to split up because we are both spying on Alice and you went and spied on Alice and she was talking to mr.

X right yeah sure okay well Matty and I were spying on her too and we saw her have a secret meeting with someone it was it was a police officer good job us no it was the police officer that took mr.

X to prison and got him out remember at the musical he was in disguise it was actually agent D yeah so it would be more neon basically like Alan was supposed to bring you to mr.

X or something part of their plan I'm not really sure but he asked if like she had a thing for you and she's like of course not I'm gonna say it because I don't like to what do you mean dear did you ever see anybody on the phone like talking to his girlfriend about video games yeah how's Alice I've seen that before that's the same handwriting that was upstairs it's a slingshot challenge rhythm the situation for the combination analogy you know we need to figure this out let me just talk to me are you okay oh we don't know if they're they're dating Alice just said to him you'll always be my number one [Applause] we figured this out rhythms situation for the combination something inside of here if we do it to a certain rhythm then maybe it will be a combination or a human slingshot whoa I've seen this online that nineteen had a time like this you need to alternate people keep it flat okay get in the middle there I'm getting the middle room way this way come back towards me it looks like Rebecca and agent are Latino Mattie and agent Rebecca and agent s you guys need to go back and then you guys are going to go across you always come for it okay but there's a rule does the rules gonna rule the rules is very important to stay on the right when you pass me you know like big hug in the middle as well we definitely know yes everywhere up there there's nothing is there like a pattern or like a slide you're good with escape rooms you better don't even have numbers guys oh you are okay but there's no numbers the first thing you look for is commonalities okay okay okay see how this no don't see anything they all look the same Oh oh wow okay here we go right there right there right there get hype guys – see that what there's some data what does it say the truth was that you freedom law when we did 24 hours in the band The Game Master had us do in truth or dare challenge you guys remember it Alice do a truth or dare she definitely said some very hurtful things about me so I think truth or did she do dare exam p.


you guys comment below what it was but maybe she wants us to reveal a truth like a secret yeah maybe she feels me to us right now that's the only way she would know if we're revealing a truth well she's listening she better know how upset I am about the situation right now I've ever trusted you Alice if you're listening right now your days like I said before or number do you want to escape we just have to see our truth okay easy so should we send like a camera over here true yeah privately you can say something that's not we can't be private that's but we can like get minimal privacy cameras all set up up here one by one we're gonna come up and say our secret truth to the camera to the audience you can choose to listen or not okay exam time you guys heard that I have to tell a true Spinelli you guys know I've been keeping a big secret of Alice's or whatever her name is remember that tattoo on her ankle right I have not told the GMI agents I think I might have to reveal the truth right now you guys comment below if you think I should I mean I want to escape from out of here and we have to tell the truth also do you think Alice is listening right now or do you think there's some type of lie detector thing that can tell if we're telling the truth or if we're lie I have a really big secret I don't want to tell anybody right now but I don't think that I have a choice because we need to get out of here Mediascape Daniel said that I couldn't say anything but I think I have to hey fam I know you're not like a big fan of me some of you are but if there's agents out there watching I'm a little nervous right now because telling the truth I have a lot to tell and I'm not sure if I should tell anything because I don't want anyone to know I don't want to know what I did because I don't know what if they turn I mean we're actually having a good time right now but I have a goal and there's something that I want and if I tell it what if it ruins it they say have a man it's your favorite member of the squad I'm a little sad I'm a little broken but silver lining is you know I do have a crush on somebody else and she's kind of here and I don't know I'm feeling a little bit of connection hey ZM fam so I mean I'm not really worried about telling the truth I'm pretty honest so we'll just see how this goes I mean we all do this so I'll go first so we're just gonna have to tell the truth and if we're lying then we want to skate okay so my secret truth is that you guys remember the paper that had the cane and it had a book write [Music] that book is tattooed on Alice's foot okay okay so how is this lifting right now she's not gonna be mad at me for saying okay I told Daniel I would see buddy but that book that's tattooed on Alice's ankle yeah that's in reference to a giant book of secrets okay so if I'm be honest my secret truth is I never trusted Alice and I think she wasn't good enough for agent R I think Asian art could do a lot better than her I'm gonna go in my truth is I liked a girl and I don't know if I really like her anymore it's complicated but I definitely am starting to like another girl who might be in this room right now Oh Oh I'll tell the truth right now so you know mr.

X went to prison he left his cane behind and agent and you know the one of the things she stole it that's a different sound the paper with the book and everything and I put it in my pocket I have it all you have this game because it's 3:00 a.


yeah what was that I don't know did you hear that noise what is that is that a ghost I don't know it sounded like a Chinese it's like maybe a whisper right guys guys did you see this occur I turned it off.

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