May 6, 2021

Trump Shows His Preoccupation With Defending His Own Mental Stability | Deadline | MSNBC

rev you know donald trump what makes donald trump go on national television and tell everybody he aced a mental acuity test which dr kavita patel and ashley parker just reported is given as an early screen for dementia well you know what what is concerning to me uh being

that he's the head of state is that you have a man that calls himself a stable genius now he announces that he took this uh test about his cognitive skills and he took it after the left wing said things about him stumbling and and whether he was all

there first we need to even find out did he go to walter reed hospital since then because he said he took it at walter reed i mean you're beginning to wonder if he's really losing it because uh did he if he did go to walter reed or did

he have this test with the same kind of doctor that gave us his health records uh when he first went in that we found out this doctor may uh not have been all there i mean now you have a guy who in reaction to the left wing goes

and takes a test on his own uh uh mental state yet we can't get him to take uh uh and pick up the phone and deal with things like safety in schools around coved and and the george lawrence act and all but because the george floyd act but

because of the left wing who he ignores on everything else said something about him stumbling he went to walter reed and took a test and we supposed to believe that just like i have a bridge that he can buy that stretches from manhattan to brooklyn to go with

the trump towers that we just planted black lives matter in front of i can give him a good sale nicole he sure can so i'm and i want to i just want to stick with what is publicly in the public domain here because we're covering the story today

because donald trump offered up to sean hannity that a little while back at walter reed he aced a mental acuity test kellyanne conway i think went on tv and smeared joe biden and said he should take one instead of a kova test or something ugly and uh characteristically

nasty from her here's my question why are they fighting on this terrain why are they injecting this into the conversation when all of the public evidence we've got all these reports that he can't be briefed we've got fouchy revealing and what i think is a bombshell revelation in

the financial times today it isn't brief trump on the pandemic as it takes the lives out of a hundred and thirty something thousand americans he hasn't briefed the president two months on the pandemic he can't be bothered with engaging on any of the civil uh the racial injustice

issues that the rev is talking i mean why do they want to have this conversation it's a great question i'm not totally sure why obviously it gets to the opening part of this segment which is what are they trying to brand joe biden as and why are they

having so much difficulty doing it one of the things the themes that they've gone back to time and time again is that joe biden is losing it mentally that he's senile forgetful can't finish his sentences and of course that effort to brand bride in that way is dramatically

complicated by trump you know talking to hannity about his own cognitive test but also saying things like you know maybe you should you know inject bleach um those things complicate any effort to brand your opponent and i think this is a broader problem that trump is having right

now which is he is stepping on his own messaging so you know one of the things they've been trying to do is to accuse biden of being soft on crime of shepherding these uh protests that would you know create great unrest in all of america cities simultaneously they're

saying look the guy did the 1994 crime bill which locked up all these people there's an intense contradiction in that right there so you know they're having some difficulty obviously i mean today even though i i won't believe it but today even the big theme is that joe

biden plagiarized donald trump's plans well for days weeks now they've been saying joe biden's a radical leftist are they saying simultaneously that he's a radical leftist with lefty plans who also plagiarized donald trump as you can see there's inherent contradictions to all these efforts to tag biden and

one last thing i'll say about why it's not working like it with hillary clinton which i think can't go unremarked upon is gender with hillary there was a gender component that made it a lot easier unfortunately for voters to brand her in certain ways than it is with

biden i think all that is complicating their efforts right now hey there i'm chris hayes from msnbc thanks for watching msnbc on youtube if you want to keep up to date with the videos we're putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this

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