April 15, 2021

Try Not To Eat Challenge – Disney Food #3 | People Vs. Food

– I can hold out for–you– – I'm stressing out.

– Pizza now is better thanpizza later.

♪ (French accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) Today, the FBE Super Famasked us to bring in our biggest Disney fansto watch famous scenes from Disney movies.

– Ooh.

I just think of Disneywatching movies when I was little and not having a worryin the world.

– When I first moved to the Stateswhen I was five, I knew no English.

Cinderella was the first movie I watchedand I just loved the Disney cartoons so much and that'show I slowly learned English.

– That's dope.

– (FBE) Then we'll be presentingyou with a tasty dish from that scene recreatedby a professional chef.

– I love this.

– Ooh.

– Finally, food.

I have never gotten food, so this is very exciting for me.

– You're in for a literal treat.

– Wait, wait.

Tell me this isn't a try not to eat challenge.

– (FBE) If you didn't know already, the Super Fam is an awesome group of people supportingthis channel and all of FBE through YouTube'smembership program.

They're why we can makeawesome episodes like this one.

– I have heard of it.

It's a newer thing that they're doing, right, where there's brackets and memberships and stuff.

I've been seeing it on YouTube and I think it's really cool.

– We have heard about Super Famand you guys are the best.

We love you.

– (FBE) So, there is a catchto this magical experience.

This is a try not to eat challengelike you guessed.

So there are four roundsof food and whoever can get through all four roundswithout trying anything gets a special dish at the end, but if you do break and have a bite, there's a punishment per food you eat.

– Per food? I feel like the Disney punishmentswould be extra bad for some reason.

– They can pull from some gross places.

There's a lot of bugs in Disney history.

– Oh God.

– Would the Super Famreally like that though? Why not justa try to eat challenge? – I'm not worried.

Just don't eat it.

– Clearly this is gonna bea lot harder for me than it is for him.

– I feel like I'm gonna tryand stay strong so I can have the dishat the end, but we'll see how it goes.

– That's good.

I have no will power.

– (FBE) Here's your first scene.

– All right.

– Okay, okay.

– Oh, is it gonna be a pizza?- It's the first one.

Pizza Planet.

– Look at that, that's so cool.

– I wanna be at Pizza Planet now.

– I forgot how badthe animation was.

– Yeah, looks pretty dated.

– Yeah.

– Considering.

– Oh God, his eyes are kinda scary.

– (Buzz) Space port.

Good work, Woody.

– I've always wanted to justgo to this arcade though.

That alien slime, just that, I wanted to drink it.

– I'll be honest, when I seeToy Story, my favorite scene is when he had his nervous breakdownand he realized that his life was just a total lie.

That's art, that's art.

– (FBE) So straight fromPizza Planet we have this out of this worldpersonal pizza and refreshing alien slime soda.

I'm sure trying this dish will leave you eternally grateful.

– Pizza, pizza.

– It says Pizza Planet! – You don't have alien slime.

– Wow.

– ♪ Da na na na ♪- Oh, that's a thick pizza.

– Thick.

– It looks so good.

– I always smell it and I always regret it.

I can't do that.

I gotta stop.

– I can hold out for–you– – I'm stressing out, okay.

– We're gonna make it.

We're gonna make it.

– The thing is, you can getthis in real life.

If you want pizza, you can just go buy pizza.

– Pizza now is betterthan pizza later.

– That's a valid point, though.

– Guys, I'm really struggling.

I'm like, I'm gonna stay strong and the first one, I'm dying already.

– You gonna hold off?- I'm gonna just close it.

– Yeah, I can't–thank you.

– This is what's hurting meright now.

– Really?- The slime, I wanted to drink that as a kidso bad.

– What are you gonna do?- Well you're the one that wants it more than I do, so I'm gonna see what you do first.

– I'm gonna have a slice.

[Bleep] it.

Worth it.

(buzzer) – It looks so greasy.

I gotta have one.

– That's good.

It reminds me of a specific pizza chain.

(buzzer) – Mm, baby.

I'm gonna take the slime, too.

– Why not?We already failed.

– Ooh, you can tastethe electrolytes.

(buzzer) – We don't need it.

We don't need delicious pizza.

– No, I'm–why'd you gotta call it delicious? No, I'm done.

I don't want it.

I don't want it.

– I think I'll survive this one.

I think I'ma go ahead and say no.

– Okay, I think I'm gonna passjust because it's pizza and I feel like that is somethingyou can get often even though if it's notPizza Planet pizza.

– I really wanna eat that, but I also really wanna wait for the final prize at the end.

– Right.

– And I'm just gonna pretendthis is just some random soda, so I'm gonna say no.

Self control.

– It'll be all right.

It's just pizza.

Order some pizzawhen you get home.

– (gasps)What did I tell you? – Oh my God.

– This is Mulan, yeah.

– It's the– – I can't wait for thelive action Mulan.

– Yeah.

– I can't wait for that.

– Gonna eat dragon?Crickets? – Oh my gosh, Mulan.

– Okay.

I'm gonna be eating this one.

– Do you know what it is already? – Well anything from Mulanis gonna be great.

– Is this gonna bemilitary stew? – What?What food is in this? Oh, is it dumplings?It might be dumplings.

– Ooh.

– (Mushu) One of the otherkids wanna fight, then you have to kickthe other kid's butt.

– I don't wanna kickother kid's butt.

– (Mushu) Don't talkwith your mouth full.

Now let's see your war face.

– That's Eddie Murphy, right? What a great voice for cartoon.

– Wow.

– Dude, if Eddie Murphy is as good a chefas he is an actor, we're in for a treat.

– (FBE) Rise and shine withthis comforting dish from Mulan.

Here we have a hearty porridgetopped with fried eggs and bacon.

This dish is sure to leaveyou smiling.

– Ooh, with bacon and eggs.

Look at it.

It's so smiley.

– Okay, I love that it's ina smile.

That is so cute.

– I love bacon, but I'm not too much for an egg–that yolky person.

– It smells really good.

I skipped breakfast this morning, which was a mistake.

– You decide first.

– I hate this game.

I don't wanna losetwo in a row but also, I just want the bacon.

I'm gonna be honest with you.

Bacon spoon.

(buzzer) – I'm gonna eat it.

– What? – Because I love Mulanso much and this bowl has a lot of significance to me.

– I get it, I get it.

Oh man.

– Where's Mushu? He should be feeding me.

(buzzer) – I'm gonna eat it.

I've never had porridge, so I have to eat it.

This is just– I don't know when I'mgonna get another opportunity.

– This is round two, man.

You're already going down.

– Sorry.

You're on your own.

– I should put this down.

(buzzer) – I'm good.

– I'm good.

– I feel like I can passjust because I've never tried it before so I don'tknow that I'd love it, so I don't wanna risk it.

– I think I'm good.

– Two for two.

We're killing it.

– You could eat it.

– I could eat it if I was not so weak willed.

– Feed that to you.

Now go kick the other kid's butt.

– But I don't wanna kick the other kid's butt.

– Don't talk with your mouth full.

– (Yeti) Welcome tothe Himalayas.

– Is this yellow snow? – (Yeti) Abominable.

– What food do they have here? – Oh, he's an adorable snowman.

– (Yeti) I'm a nice guy.

– What you got? – (Yeti) Snow cone?- Yellow snow? You're gonna give uspee snow cones? – It's lemon.

I can't wait.

– You see?You get that? That's adult humor.

Ha, it's lemon.

– (Sully) You see the wayshe looked at me? – Aw.

– He's over here havingan existential crisis.

– And the adorable snowman'sjust like, “Ah, snow cone?” – (FBE) Straight fromthe Himalayas, we have a refreshing snow conefrom the adorable snowman himself.

– Well.

How did you make them look so pretty? – Smells like ice.

– Ooh, smells lemony.

– It looks so goodand I love lemon and I just love that partwhere he says, “Don't worry, it's lemon.

” – My problem is I've alreadyeaten two and I wanna pass at least one.

I can't 100% fail, so it's either gonna be this oneor the next one.

– Can I try the yeti pee?- How dare you.

– Yeti pee tastes amazingby the way.

(buzzer) – I haven't had a snow conein years, so I'm actually really excited about this.


(buzzer) – I'm struggling.

I'm really considering it.


– I'm gonna pass just 'cause I'm gonnaassume the next one is gonna be better.

– Okay, I think I'm gonna pass.

I'm staying so strong.

I feel like I can do it.

– I think I'm gonna pass hoping that the next oneI'm gonna pass, so I get a really good oneat the end.

– Yes.

– Yeah, it's a no.

– I mean, if this hadtequila in it, then I'd be out the doorright now.

– I'm real excited aboutwhat else we got coming.

I can hold back on this one.

– One more bite.

– Mouse?- Is this Dumbo? – Wow, nice read.

How do you remember Dumbo? – I watched this all the timeas a kid.

– (mouse) You gottacome out first.

– Is it peanuts?- He almost eats as fast as me.

– Is it just a peanut?- A single peanut.

– Delicious.

– Wait, you are notserving us liquor.

– Oh.

– There's no way.

– Oh.

– (mouse) Hold your breath.

– He said “hold your breath.

” – Poor kid.

– (mouse) I'm gonna be proud of you, too.

– He gets the Asian glow.

– Does Dumbo get drunk?- I guess Dumbo gets sauced.

I didn't know what it wasas a kid, so.



– Oh my God.

– (mouse) I guess you hadone more left over.

– Nice.

– What is it? – (FBE) Here we have yummyroasted peanuts, Dumbo's favorite snackand a flute of champagne.

This snack combo is sureto make you see pink elephants.

– Champagne.

– Champagne.

– I almost–I do wanna do it.

– Literally, it's just Sunday brunchright in front of me.

– How is it?What year is this? – See, I've never hada roasted peanut like this.

I feel like it would bevery, very good.

– Are you gonna give in?- Cheers.

It's just so good.

(buzzer) – Let's do it.

– Yeah, okay.

– I'm not gonna havethe champagne.

(buzzer) How is it?- That's a peanut all right.

I don't know what elsewe were expecting.

(buzzer) – I think I can hold offon this one.

– Yeah, me too.

– I think I can pass.

– Yeah, I'm fine.

– Okay, I'ma keep it classyeven though this is very classy.

– This smells so good.

– I wanna see the end.

– I'm gonna say no, also.

– You know, I find it reallysurprising that you were able to say no toall the food, but not to this.

– (FBE) Both of you lost, so I'm gonna show you what you could have had.

– Oh no.

– (Lilo) Dessert.

– The chocolate cake.

I love Lilo and Stitch.

– Wow, I haven't seen thisin so long.

– Oh, is it the ice cream? – Do you rememberwhat she eats? – Yeah, she eats coconut cake.

– Do they do a luau?Oh, it's just cake, okay.

– Yay, cake.

– I remember this alwaysgrossed me out, 'cause he spits it back out.

– Don't forgot the cherry.

– If someone backwashedthis cake, I'm gonna be so pissed.

– (FBE) So, here we havea decadent chocolate cake and don't worry, Stitch didn't get to this.

– You got lucky.

– All right.

– And then mine is justgonna be the cake but it's all slobbered on.

– No.

I love chocolate cake.

– All right.

– You know what sucks?I don't like cake.

– You don't like cake?- No.

– What do you like? – I'm chilling.


– Taste of victory.


– Cheers – I can't believe we both won.

– I know.

I did not think I would win.

– It was worth it.

Although I do want the cherry That's probably not the part— That's the part you want? – Listen, cherries are good.

– I have regrets.

I wanted to try the pizza.

– (FBE) Ooh, cheddar whizzy.

– Oh no.

The leaning tower of Cheesa.

– (Bobby) It's the leaningtower of Cheeza.

– (FBE) So, for every dishyou tried, you have to add a swirl of cheese whizto your hand to make the leaningtower of Cheeza from the Goofy Movie.

– Totally okay with this.

I love the Goofy Movie and the leaning tower of Cheeza.

– That's the best partof the movie.

What do you mean?That's a punishment? – Oh.

– Yeah, I hear.

– Look at that.

The leaning tower of Cheeza.

– Have you ever eaten this?- I've never had Easy Cheese.

Is it actual cheese, right? – Three, two, one.

– Yours is really pretty.

Do you regret it now?Can I wash it down with some champagne please?- Can we please, 'cause that was a lot.

– It's not appetizing.

– This is just as good as cakeand I will take that to the grave.

– What, what? – A pile of cheese, are you kidding me? – 100% worth it.

I love cheese.

– Totally worth it.

– Even if it comes out of a can.

– Making my childhood dreamscome true and I've always wantedto say, “Leaning tower of Cheeza.

” – Thanks for watching metry not to eat Disney food on the React Channel.

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– Bye, guys.

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