May 8, 2021

Wendy @ Home: Thursday, April 9

Live from Wendy's apartment in New York, it's The Wendy Williams Show @ Home.

♪ Oh yeah feel it ♪ ♪ Feel feel it ♪ ♪ Feel it ♪ Now, here's.



Wendy! ♪ Woo! ♪ Hello.

Bacon, blue cheese, both smothered by hot sauce and maple syrup.

You don't wanna see me eat, then you might not wanna be here, okay? This is what people do.

All's I'm saying.


Have you ever had blue cheese? You can try it with honey, it's very good that way too.

It just so happens I love maple syrup and it all works with the bacon and everything is just working together and mm.



I had the most delightful slumber last night.

I watched really good TV starring The Connors.

I love this show! I watch it regularly and that's how I went to sleep last night.

So thank you, Sara Gilbert, for giving me some good nighttime programming.

Okay, let's talk.

I've been exhausted by this story about Playboi Carti.

Do you know him? He's so cute, he's so talented.

The Source magazine, didn't they vote him the number one, new freshman class of 2017? Everyone loves this boy.

He's Iggy Azalea's boyfriend.

He's got a black Lamborghini.

While we're all quarantining, he's out after midnight in Georgia.

Already sounds bad to me, okay? Speeding around in his Lamborghini.

He was pulled over by the cops because he did not have good license plates.

They said– Excuse me, sorry.


They said his license plates were expired.

Well, you know what? Sometimes that happens, you know, when you have people handling your business.

It could be one day after expiration.

Sometimes bored cops are looking for something to do.

But that's what you get because you know you live in Georgia.


In the meantime (laughs) they pulled him over, they pulled him over for the plates.

All he had to do was talk nice, instead, what did they find? Because he didn't know the 99 problems but a ain't one, Jay-Z raps it all down, they don't have a right to search your car unless they have a warrant.

They didn't have a warrant, this dumbbell had them open up everything.

Now, I know a Lamborghini, 'cause you know I know a fancy car.

(pants) Not anymore.

Not my fault.

Don't want one, I get driven.

Anyway, look, 12 bags of weed, they were already bundled up like they were about to be sold or maybe the dealer just sold them to him.

Xanax, OxyContin, codeine and three guns.

Where are you going with that action? Look, a Lamborghini is tight.

Look, man, a Lamborghini is tight, I can tell you that.


There's no room for a gun rack.

Three guns? Oh, by the way, when the cops pulled him over and he put the window down, there were pills on the floor, okay? And by the way, then another Altoids container.

You know how you take your Altoids because you want fresh breath? You open up his, more pills.

(laughs) Norman? Do you wanna expand on– It's ridiculous.

Come on, Playboi Carti, get it together.

It's too late, Norman.

Three guns.

He's doing time.

He's doing time for this.

Iggy Azalea wanted him to be black.

All right.

Let's see how long she stands by him.

She posted his bond, right? So he got out, but the guy in the passenger seat, his boy, allegedly is still locked up, okay? If I was the boy, I would be singing like a canary right now.

Norman? Sorry, there is no honor in the drug game.

Yeah, but I'm not snitching, sorry.


So your boy is out, hugged up with his girlfriend with the fake body, and you're still in jail? Right.

(laughs) And they're asking you questions and you won't say anything? Right, (laughs) yeah.

Whose guns is these? (laughs)Right.

Nortman, whose guns is these? Um, I don't know, I don't know.


Where did you get the OxyContin? The Xanax? (laughs) Nothing? Nothing.


Sir, you face 20 years in jail, how about that? Nortman? (laughs) You know what? Fine.

All right, well as long as you keep that beard and that beat face, not a good time.

(laughs) Not a good time.

I don't wear makeup.

(laughs) Norman, come on.

So Tori Spelling, everyone.

Yes, we're talking about Tori, you know I love that family.

Tori is doing virtual meet and greets, kinda like we did with Mama June yesterday.

Except this is different, she's charging, not $30, not $25, $95 for a Tori Spelling meet and greet.

Would you pay for that? I'll be honest– Yeah, I'd pay for that, Norman.

Not in this economy, sorry.

No, no, no! I mean the show piggy bank.

Look, I would like to see Tori and what she does on meet and greet.

You know she– Norman, you know she's nice.

She is nice.

Is she $95 nice? She's got five kids nice, right? Uh huh.

Dean defended her online.

Take a look.

She gets dragged and she gets the haters coming down on her for simply doing something to entertain people.

But more importantly, to provide for her family.

What is wrong with that? What is wrong with providing for your family at this time? My wife is one of the hardest working women in the business, okay? And she is simply providing for her family.

So everybody needs to back off.

I don't know what to say.

You know, I really adore her mother Candy and I really do adore Tori still, and I look to the sky and I say to Aaron Spelling, why did you leave your only daughter– You only had two children.

Why did you only leave her 800 and something thousand dollars in your will? And tell her to defend herself and live through life? Are you serious? She grew up in The Manor.

He wasn't fair to her.

But you know what, she also did not rise to the occasion, honey.

American Express is suing her not once but twice, she owes money everywhere.

When you think your situation's bad, let me tell you something right now, there's nothing worse than being an heiress with nothing but clownery and buffoonery around you.

Tori, I wish you well.

Candy, you made me this.

Norman– I remember that.

I lie to you not, it's a functioning glue gun made of all the glitterati that our show loves.

Remember, she came on the show, she said her hand was broken? Yeah.

And it took her twice as long to glue every crystal? I want you to know that I still have this.

The Spelling family is a big deal to me.


I feel like I'm an insider.

As long as I don't ask for money because apparently that's where everything goes awry.

Pow pow! Anyway, so the Bureau reached out to Mama June about her $30.

Now, we paid the $30 for her to give her greeting, and that's what she's doing right now, she makes a personal greeting, whatever you want, whether it's happy birthday, happy anniversary, happy divorce, whatever.

Here's ours.

Take a look.

Hey, y'all, this is Mama June, and I just wanna wish Wendy Williams well during this quarantine, girl.

Hopefully everything is going good with you and you'll be back in the studio soon because your fans miss you like crazy.

(laughs) The tooth is still broken.

She's so sweet! She really– I like her! I don't wanna be mean.

But– You know she got back to us within like a minute.

Really? .



she had already made us the tape.


All right.

What's next, Nortman? I think it's Flavor Flav! Oh.

I have Flav right here.

I have three Flavor Flav clocks.

This one and the same one upstairs and one in storage.

We've had them for at least a decade.

In the meantime, Flav's baby's mother is selling his merchandise.

I don't know whether she has this, this is a sturdy clock, it actually works.

Kate is his ex-manager and she apparently, to me, took advantage of a person that was less than smart at the time.

They have a nine month old son named Jordan and here's what everything is looking like.

Hi, my name is Kate, and here is my son Jordan, sitting surrounded by official Flavor Flav merchandise.

Jordan is Flavor's son.

I used to manage Flav but no longer do due to the (baby shouts) obvious reasons.

I bought tons of merchandise when I was his manager and now I need money for my son's everyday needs because I am not getting any support.


So she says shirts for $15, hats for $20 and hoodies for $30.

Are you buying into it? First of all, Nortman, that does not even look like a Flavor Flav.

(laughs) What are you talking about? They look just alike.

(laughs) Norman, I'm gonna shoot you with Candy Spelling's gun.

He spit that baby out! (laughs) Um no, I'm not buying Flav merchandise unless it looks as authentic as these coveted clocks that I have.

Norman, do you like my clock? (laughs)I do.

Would you buy that for 30 bucks? Absolutely.

I'd buy that for 100 bucks.


Okay, I have three of 'em and I'm not selling none of 'em.

And they all work, honey.

They were part of my old life and now they're part of my new life.

Don't believe the hype, 911's joke.





sit down.

And also, that girl.

Kate, please.

Sit down, Kate.

I'm saying, Norman, you know.



I talked to Irv Gotti his morning.

He was on yesterday's show.

And I talked to him, he's still in L.


, taking care of his family, he had no idea why I was calling him.

I was just calling him to say, “You're so entertaining, you're part of the encore performance.

” He had no idea.

Irv is not the guy, necessarily, to turn on our show.

Everyone's busy quarantining.

But I told him and he was like, “Oh wow, we are an entertaining family.

” I said, “Yes, you are.

” He's so funny, I love him so much.

You know who else I love? Love.



from afar but from anear she is my dear.



Tamar Braxton.

Hey, boo.

How are you? I'm good.

And I love and I love Irv.

How's your son? He's great.

Are you teaching– I am, you know.

I don't know how that happened but.



It's a lot.

I absolutely hate home-schooling, it's like the worst thing to ever happen, it's interrupted my quarantine vacation.

Like, what happened? (laughs) Right but– But how old is Logan now? He's six.


So he's still doing ABC, one plus one? No, no.

He's on times tables, he's doing–Uh oh.

Yeah, he's doing religion, he's doing a lot, he's doing book reports.

Yeah, a lot.

What's David doing? He's actually working.

You know, we actually couple quarantine during the day so we don't get super tired of each other.

He's in his office all day and I sit in my office on the couch all day, and I do my work and he does his work, and then I do the home-school with Logan, and then we switch off between Logan.

I'll teach Logan and he comes and checks the work.

And that's how we do it, then we have dinner together.

But I know that you like to fly around and be out, is it making you crazy that you're in the house? No, I've been here 17 days.

What are you cooking? Do you do the cooking or do you still have your chefs and stuff? I don't have no staff here.

You've got staff? No! No, nobody's coming in here (mumbles).


You know, there's no housekeeper, I thought, at first, I was really doing things, I work and I take of my home, I take care of my man, I take of my baby, it was all lies.

(laughs) Right, right, right, right? Now I'm taking care.

(laughs) Now you really do.

Yeah, yeah– So what are your favorite things to eat? Give me your top five.

Oh, I eat everything.

Oh, let me tell you what I just found.






to be delicious.

The plant-based sausages.



praise God.

It's like the best thing ever happened to me.


That good.

Yesterday, I stumbled across some jalapeno poppers.

Love them.

Love it, love it! I'm ramen noodled the hell out, I can't eat no more, I ate 'em every which way, I'm done with that.


Let me tell you what never fails me – the oven pizza.

You know what? I love that too.

And by the way, when it was rumored that you and David broke up, a lot of people were pointing that you came on the show with that undergarment thing.

And I was like, David was right there on the side of the stage.


Are you all out of your mind? He knows what.



By the way, Tamar, you look fantastic in that, okay?Oh, thank you.

I don't feel like it.

No, I don't know whether you lost weight or gained weight since being quarantined but you look hella good in that outfit.

Thank you, my sister.

Now, you also, I saw posted a video though with no bra, and we've talked about boobs before.

Like mine stand up, I'm not even wearing a bra right now and these girls are standing hella good.

Me too, sis.

Let me tell you something, the bras are quarantined.

No thank you, they're quarantined– Yeah! Yeah.

(laughs) No bra in this season.


But you posted the video and people came for you on that.

I think some did and I think some understood.

Like those of us who wear bras on a regular day, this is a break for us.

You know what I'm saying?Yeah.

I'm braed out.

Why am I gonna bra? For what? For home! To sit on the couch?Are you babied out? No.



No, I would love to have a family with David but we've gotta put a ring on it first, you know what I'm saying? I can't have a bunch of baby daddy's running around, that ain't cute, I already got one! If he came in the house tonight with a ring, would you say yes? I would say yes and find somebody online to do it right now.

Thank you! You're a simple girl like I am.

You wouldn't need that big wedding.

Maybe you have the party after the corona gets done but yeah, Tamar.

Yeah, I don't need all of that.

I mean, to solidify what? You know what I mean? I don't have to show off in front of nobody, you know what I mean? That is for a party, like you said, is a good time, everybody partying, drinking, celebrating.

But here in the house, I think it's even more romantic if it's just me and him and Logan and candles and the computer (laughs), that's the kind of girl I am, and then a good meal, a good steak afterwards.

(laughs) Excuse me, and you and I both agree, you need faders on your lights? Yes.



The dimmers are everything.

So what's up with the family? How's everyone doing? Well, we stay on the group chat.

I got in trouble yesterday because I called my mother elderly.

I mean, listen, I didn't mean it like that, it was a joke, okay? I was upset that Trina took her to the store.

Yes! I FaceTimed my mother and she had a mask on and I'm like, “What is she doing? My elderly mother!” So I got in trouble.

(laughs) But still!You're always in trouble.

You're always in trouble.

I am.

But you know what? You are one of our favorite R&B voices.

Tell me about the new music.

What are you doing? So Wendy, I got the acting bug and I did this movie called True to the Game 2, and naturally, you know, they asked me to do the song on the soundtrack and I was like, “I don't wanna sing no more.

” Everybody knows how I feel about singing and stuff and the music industry.

And then my publisher played the song Crazy Kinda Love that Hitmaka did and instantly, I knew that it would be a good fit for the movie, so I did it, I loved it, it had the sample of Whitney Houston's Saving All My Love For You, and I love her, of course, and I did it, and now I'm back in love with music, which is so crazy to me.

And those of us who read, know that True to the Game book.

That's gonna be sick.

By the way, Tamar, this is the first time of us hearing from you in three years so welcome back to music and thank you for being here.

Take care of yourself, tell David I said hi, and Logan, give him a kiss.

Take care, Tamar, talk to you later.

(kissing sound) Love you, bye.


♪ Feel feel feel it ♪ ♪ Feel feel feel it ♪.

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