April 14, 2021

What I Eat In A Day For Anxiety | Healthy + Balanced Meals

(upbeat music) – Hey Health Nuts, I'm Nikole, and welcome back to my channel.

I am very excited about today's video because I am doing not only another what I eat in a day video but I'm gonna focus today's video, and all the things that I'm eating on what I like to eat for my anxiety.

You guys may know that I have struggled and dealt with anxiety for years.

Mainly the good portion of my mid 20s was the really strugglingpart and time of my life, and I read so many booksand I tried so many things to see if food wouldreally affect how I felt.

And I felt like I justfound what worked for me.

And I just wanna say, byno means am I a doctor, you obviously should gosee a health professional.

I'm just gonna share with you guys foods that make me feel really good and kinda help reduce my stress levels and manage my anxiety just a little bit because I do think thatthere is a correlation with food and your mental health.

They say your gut is your second brain, so I do believe that food affects how you feel andyour mood and all of that.

It's just like if you wereto go eat fast food everyday, you're obviously not gonna feel as great as if you ate a nice bigsalad every day for lunch.

So in today's video, I'm so excited to beworking with Caf-Lib again.

They are sponsoring andcollaborating with me on today's video.

You guys know I have been talking about Caf-Lib herbal coffee for years, I've been drinking them for years.

It's one of the things thathas helped with my anxiety.

Taking out caffeine entirelyfrom my diet and lifestyle has been a game changer.

I personally just feellike if you have anxiety or you're just a reallystressed out person, removing something that'svery stimulating like caffeine can maybe really help loweryour stress and anxiety levels.

It's definitely worth a try.

It has really helped for me.

And having something likeCaf-Lib herbal coffee has been really great'cause I can still enjoy a nice cup of coffeewithout the negative effects that I personally did not jive well with.

It also tastes like the real thing.

It's made with all natural ingredients like roasted barley and chicory, things that you can feel goodabout putting into your body.

And I'm going to be showingyou guys a fun little recipe that I like to make with it.

It's actually in the cookbook.

That's how much I love herbalcoffee, it's in my cookbook.

All right, without further ado, let's hop right into the video, and I'm going to show you guyswhat I like to eat in a day to support my anxiety and mental health.

So I've said this beforebut green smoothies are one of the thingsthat have just made me feel so much better in themornings and throughout the day.

I love to get a bunch of greens, fiber, healthy fats and protein intomy day right off the bat.

So one of my smoothie rulesthat I like to stick by is to always make sure that there's more vegetablesthan fruit in my smoothies, that way the sugar content is lower.

And then I also just make sure that it's a well balanced meal just like any other meal that I eat.

Just because this one isan easy drinkable one, I still wanna make sure thatit has all of the nutrients that I want for my breakfast.

If you are completely newto the green smoothie world, I actually have a free how to make the perfect green smoothie downloadable, which I will have linkeddown below for you.

To me, I treat my smoothieslike a multivitamin in a glass.

And in my opinion, it's oneof the best ways to squeeze or in this case blend asmany nutrient dense foods as you can and it makes itreally easy to drink them down because it's all in one easy glass.

A good blender is key.

I will link the one I'm using down below as well as a very budget friendly option that I used for years andwould highly recommend as well.

So just finished making my green smoothie, which I put it in a to-go cup because I'm gonna take it with me while I take miss Cashewfor her walk who is whining.

(dog whining) I don't know if you can hear her.

But we're gonna go for a little walk.

It's gorgeous, super sunny outside.

And this is really light, so even when I'm done, I feel like it's not this heavy container I have to carry with me.

So okay, she's whining, I'm gonna go drink this, take her for a walk and Iwill see you guys back here for my next meal or drink.

All right, so it is late morning, and I'm feeling like a little drink.

Sometimes I make my herbalcoffee first thing in the morning but this morning I was really hungry, and I wanted to take Cashewfor a walk so I was like, it's okay, I'm gonna makemy coffee when I get back.

Otherwise I make it andI just drink half of it, and it gets cold.

But today, actually itwouldn't even matter 'cause I am making my IcedDirty chai, what is it called? Iced Dirty Chai Coffee on the Rocks.

I cannot remember everysingle recipe in my book, there's a lot.

This one here is madewith a chai cashew milk that takes minutes tomake in your blender.

And then you're gonnapour it on top of ice with some Caf-Lib herbal coffee.

It is so good and I'm just craving that.

How good does that look? If you guys have not triedthis recipe, it's delicious.

So I'm just feelinglike a nice iced drink.

Spring is around the corner.

I feel like it's that time of year where I don't want anything hot.

I just want nice cool refreshing drinks.

I'm just trying to bringin the warmer weather a little sooner, if you get my drift.

So I'm gonna make that.

It's really easy andthen the nice thing is when you make the chai cashew milk, it'll be enough for your drinkthat you're making right now but you can also store it in the fridge, and then have it throughout the week.

You can put it in your smoothies, you can put it in your oatmeal.

It is very multipurpose andI love whipping up a batch, so I'm gonna do that now.

Let's do this.

I'm starting off bymaking a chai cashew milk.

This is the easiesthomemade milk you can make.

It is just made with some chaispices, dates to sweeten it.

I really look for natural sweeteners when I'm sweetening anythingthat I make in the kitchen.

It also has blended up whole raw cashews, which are so good for you, filled with lots of nutrients, and anything that has healthy fats.

And I like that this milk is sweet yet has a nice balance of fiber and healthy fats from the cashews.

Now this would be delicious as is, but I'm gonna make it super fancy, and I'm gonna make it withmy Caf-Lib herbal coffee.

Now this is their organic blend.

They have a regularblend, a dark roast blend.

Now the key to making agood cup of herbal coffee is to go heavy on the grounds.

So it's not like regular coffeewhere we just do a teaspoon, I usually do a goodheaping two tablespoons of the instant herbalcoffee when I'm making it.

And one the things I love about Caf-Lib, and is probably the reason why I've been drinking them for so long is not only is the taste amazing, and it really reminds me of the real deal without any of the unwanted side effects like jitters and not beingable to sleep at night, but it's also just so accessible.

I can find this at prettymuch any grocery store, and it's really affordable.

I love that it's just easy to stock up on.

(upbeat music) (ice clinking) Just listen to that.

(ice clinking) Ah, it smells so good.

Honestly, because I can't go to just like a Starbucks drive through and order a fancy drink, making things like thisat home makes me so happy.

And you got the healthy fats and protein from the cashew milk, thespices that are so warming, and just delicious.

And it's just naturallysweetened, you just use dates.

And that's a big thing for my anxiety is using natural sweetenerslike maple syrup, honey, dates and coconut sugar, that don't spike my blood sugar as much.

And I just find that you endup craving them even more than the artificial processed stuff.

And I've just been incorporating them into my recipes and bakedgoods for years now.

I just crave them andI really do enjoy them, and I think they taste betterthan the artificial stuff.

So this is amazing.

I'm gonna enjoy this while I do some work, and I will see you guysback here for lunch.

Oh my God.

And the nice thing is is Ihave all this extra cashew milk that I'm just gonna pop the lid on, and pop it into the fridge.

Now I needed to get some ingredients, so I decided to head outto my local Bulk Barn.

Now you guys know one of my goals for 2020 is to produce less waste andreduce single use plastic.

So I actually love reusing my jars, and just upcycling them likethis empty Caf-Lib coffee jar, and using it when I goto bulk food stores.

Because what you end updoing is you fill things up in one of their plasticbags and then you go home and you transfer it to a jar anyways, so just bring the jars with you.

Just make sure thatthey are clean and dry.

And then all you have to do isweigh them with the cashier.

They will mark theweight on top of the lid, and they will subtract thatwhen you are checking out.

It's actually really easy, so if you think it'scomplicated, just try it out.

Maybe go at a time whereit's not that busy, and I promise it's really easy.

I've done this at a fewdifferent stores now.

And I feel like the employeesactually get excited when you do this method.

Next, I'm gonna show you a nourish bowl.

I love making nourishbowls because you can prep all of the ingredients on a Sunday and make a large batch of them and then just put everything together when you wanna make your meal.

I'm first just slicingsome organic sweet potatoes into some round medallions.

I really like doing it this way because they roast up really quick.

I'm saving the ends formy pup, miss Cashew, because she loves sweetpotato almost as much as I do.

I'm dressing it with some olive oil, sea salt and back pepperand some garlic powder.

I like to keep it really simple.

And then I'm just gonnagive them a quick massage to make sure everything is well coated, and then just throw thisinto the oven to roast.

Like I said, making this nourish bowl is not something I make on the fly Monday through Fridaywhen I'm busy working.

It's something that I liketo make a big batch of and then you can easily makethese for lunch or dinner.

And the great thing is toois that they are well rounded in all of your key nutrients.

And you can swap up thedifferent ingredients.

You could do cauliflowerinstead of broccoli.

And having a meal like thisthat has lots of vegetables, healthy fats and fiber just really helps balance my blood sugars andjust keeps my anxiety at bay because I don't feel likeI'm spiking anything, and it just keeps me niceand full and satisfied.

I'm also preparing some kale.

So for this, I just like toremove the leaves from the stem.

(gentle music) Give it a good wash.

And then I'm just gonna dryit using my salad spinner.

This is one of those gadgetsthat you think you don't need and then when you have one, it just makes preparing greensor salads so much easier.

And especially for a salad, the dressing actually sticks to the leaves when they're not soaking wet.

Transferring that into a bowl.

And then one little hack that I love to do is just taking a pair of kitchen scissors and then just going rightin and chopping it up.

I just need this really roughly chopped, so this is just a reallyquick way to do it.

To finish preparing this, I'm just gonna massage it with some olive oil and asqueeze of fresh lemon juice.

I like to massage my greens 'cause it just makes it easier to digest, and it just also tastes better, I find.

It takes out any bitterness.

And once it's massaged, it will last in yourfridge for the entire week.

You can add it to salads, stir fry, soups.

Even when it's massaged, you can still cook it.

It just makes it easierto eat it raw like this.

For my protein of choice, I'mhaving some rainbow trout.

I love to have oily fishlike trout or salmon.

I think they are so good for you, they have all of those healthy omega-3s.

I personally believe thatfor my individual body and mental health that I really benefit from some animal protein or fish.

And it's just something that I feel like is good for me to includeinto my day, into my week.

I don't need to have itwith every single meal, but it's definitely something that I feel better when I include it in.

And then of course, we're gonnaadd some nice healthy fat.

Avocado is so good for you.

So I'm just gonna slice up somefresh avocado right on top.

And then if you don't haveone of these avocado huggers, I actually sell this onmy online wellness shop.

They are amazing, youravocados will stay fresh for like three to four days in the fridge.

So if you don't use a fullavocado like me in one sitting, you can store the rest for later, and know it's still gonna survive.

And there you have it.

This is such a nourishingsatisfying nourish bowl that is gonna make you feel really good.

And it has like I said, all of the really key componentsto a well balanced meal.

I love a good sweet treatjust like the next person.

But when it comes todessert and baked goods, I really like to make them at home because I can control the sugar, use natural sweeteners thatdon't spike my blood sugar, and they're just way less processed, and I don't feel asjittery after I eat them.

So this recipe here is myFudgey Peanut Butter Cookies, also from my cookbook.

They're so good.

There's something sosatisfying about peanut butter.

I could eat these everyday, they're so good.

And they honestly take likefive minutes to whip up.

You just mix it all in a bowl.

I have peanut butter, eggs, vanilla, maple syrup for sweetness.

For flours, I like touse less processed ones, and ones that are more fromwhole grains or ancient grains.

So this one here is just oat flour.

And you can even makeit at home or buy it, but it's just one ingredient, and I just love using it inrecipes like these cookies.

Once the batter is well combined, pop it into the freezer to chill.

And then once it's chilled, and the dough is a littlebit easier to handle, you can just scoop it androll it up into balls.

(upbeat music) And then of course, theclassic fork dentation to make them look likeclassic peanut butter cookies is the key crucial laststep before they bake up.

Here they are out of the oven, so good.

Now we all know refinedsugars and processed foods is not good for our mental health.

So just making more of that stuff at home where you can make ita little bit healthier is so important and I thinkit just really supports a healthy mindset and lifestyle.

I'm also enjoying it witha mug of chamomile tea.

I love chamomile tea, it's very relaxing, and I like to have it in the afternoon just to have a warm drink with my cookies.

All right, so for dinner, we are getting super cozy.

I'm making one of mineand Matt's favorite soup, and it's so easy.

Like it's crazy how easy it is.

It's a potato and leek soup.

And you guessed it, you needpotatoes and you need leeks.

And they are just such simple ingredients, but when combined, theymake the best soup ever.

I don't know about youbut anytime a recipe calls for like two cloves of garlic, I pretty much triple that.

So all of my soup recipesusually have a lot of garlic.

I like to even add more than what I recommend in my own recipes.

I'm also chopping up some onion.

And then for the potatoes, I'm just leaving the skins on.

These are organic potatoes.

I like to buy organic andjust keep things really easy and leave the skin on, plusit's added fiber and nutrients.

There's actually a lotof nutrients in the skin, so feel free to leave that on.

(upbeat music) I always have my compost nearby just to throw in any veggie scraps into.

All right, so a large pot, heat olive oil, add leeks, onion, garlic and saute it.

Just sauteing everythingup in some olive oil just to get everything really fragrant.

(upbeat music) It smells so good already.

Adding in a dried bay leaf from my (speaks foreignlanguage) farm in Portugal, sea salt and black pepper andthen just a bouillon cube.

I always like to have these on hand.

I always get the no added salt because otherwise they get really salty.

And then just fillingit up with some water.

So while that's comingup to a boil and cooking, I'm gonna prepare a littlebruschetta or brushetta I don't know, that's how I say it.

So for this recipe, I havelots of garlic once again.

I got some nice vine ripe tomatoes that I'm just gonna chop up.

I also have some fresh basil.

I think people don'tuse fresh herbs enough.

I always like to have fresh thyme, basil, oregano or cilantro orparsley in the fridge.

And I'll just think of reasons to add it into my dishesbefore they go bad.

It's like a game I play.

And they are just so good for you.

They have so many amazingnutrients in them, and I think that they add a lot of flavor without adding excess oiland salt into your foods.

(upbeat music) I'm adding in a good squeezeof lemon juice, sans the seeds.

Finishing it off with some olive oil, sea salt and black pepper.

As you can tell, I am notafraid of some good quality olive oil in my cooking and in my diet.

I'm just gonna set thataside in the fridge while the soup finishes up.

Just removing the dried bay leaf.

And then I'm just ladlingit into my blender to blend up and get nice and creamy.

So to prepare the bruschetta, I have some sourdough bread that I got from a local farmers market.

And then I'm just gonna spreadon some soft goat cheese.

I love soft goat cheese, it's so good.

It's really good on pizza or in salads.

But in this case, it wassuch a good combination with the tomato and garlic topping.

I'm going a little fancy andI'm adding on some lemon zest.

You don't have to go this far, but it was a really nice pop of flavor.

I'm gonna spoon on that mixture with the tomatoes andthe basil and the garlic.

Matt doesn't even liketomatoes and he loved this.

He was asking for seconds the next day 'cause this mixture was good for two days, and he said he really liked it, so thank you, Matt, for the compliment.

And dinner is ready.

I'm just spooning that deliciouscreamy leek and potato soup into some bowls with thebruschetta on the side that I just toasted up in the oven.

This is such a cozy delicious meal.

And when it comes to just supporting my mood and my mental health, I just look for things that make me feel good when I eat them, and this was definitelyone of those meals.

(upbeat music) I'm drizzling on some truffleoil because I had some on hand and it just makes everything delicious.

Like I said, I am not afraidof oils and healthy fats.

And this was so good.

I highly recommend making this combo, you will not regret it.

All right Health Nuts, there we have it.

That is my what I eat in a day for anxiety and just supporting my mental health.

As I mentioned, everyone is different.

I am not a doctor, so always consult witha health professional, especially if you're dealingwith something serious.

Get help, seek a professional.

I cannot stress that enough.

It really does help tohave someone to talk to.

Keeping it all in is like theworst thing that you can do.

So I hope this video just helped give you some littleguidance and fun little tips, maybe foods that you can tryin your own personal life to support your health goals, whether that be mentalhealth or just feeling good, and energized throughoutthe day without coffee.

I think these recipes are reallyfun, delicious and healthy.

I'm gonna have all of therecipes linked down below in my info box as well asthe herbal coffee drink that I made is actually in my cookbook, which will be linked down below.

It's filled with so manydelicious recipes, super easy.

A lot of them are under 30 minutes.

And so many of you guyshave already told me you've gotten a copy which is so cool to always see your recipe recreations on Instagram stories so keep them coming, I see every single one.

I like to reshare them and like them, and it just means the worldwhen you guys remake my recipes.

Also, just another huge thanks to Caf-Lib for sponsoring this video.

It is a dream come true to be able to work with such an amazing Canadian company, and one that I have used inmy every day life for years.

And it has honestly madethe biggest difference into helping reduce my anxietyand just making me feel like I'm not left outin the coffee culture.

So thanks again and if you guys aren't already subscribed to my channel, you can click that redsubscribe button down below.

It's completely free and Ipost here every single week.

I will see you guys in my next video.

Have a fabulous day and I'lltalk to you soon, bye guys.

(upbeat music).

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