March 6, 2021

Who Has The Best Fried Chicken Sauce? (Taste Test)

which fast food chicken sauce will cross the road to victory let's talk about that [Music] good mythical morning what's the biggest moment in the history of chicken uh probably uh well it's either the chicken or the egg i think it was i know i think it was when

it was fried when chicken was first fried but second to that i think it's got to be when chicken was tenderized i mean when chicken became tenders means multiple things but then then you can freaking start to dip it and that becomes an experience that i crave on

a weekly basis so today we're trying to figure out what is that best dip to go with the chicken tins that's right eight fast food chicken sauces will enter the fight but only one will be the best in this behemoth of a it's a saucy sassy single day

showdown of chicken sauce superiority it's time for fast food sauce down cooking salsas hold it together of course yesterday we we figured out the best sauce on a burger and you can go back and watch that tomorrow we're going to dig into some fries but i am very

excited about this yes okay and again when we say signature fast food sauce we're not talking about like just like the barbecue little thing that you can get we're talking about the signature sauces the original recipes the restaurants say hey we got this come and get it only

we got this particular particular and the mythical beasts that's you voted on what your favorite chicken sauces were and that helped us narrow it down to what is going to be in today's bracket that's why you may not see some of the ones that are your favorites because

you didn't vote for them 33 33 000 of you did vote and the ones that we narrowed it down to are chick-fil-a's chick-fil-a sauce bojangles bows special sauce popeye's blackened ranch dairy queen's country gravy really kfc's finger licking good sauce church's chicken honey mustard raisin cane's cane sauce

and wendy's side of sauce some sauce at the end of this episode we will name the undisputed best signature fast food chicken dipping sauce let's go first up we got chick-fil-a's chick-fil-a sauce in the number one seed versus bojangle's bose special sauce in the number eight seed and

in the spirit of an even playing field and not to be distracted by the chicken we just got some generic control chicken strips from your ihop really again because they were not a sponsor least distracting chicken uh chick-fil-a tweeted that the their sauce is a blend of honey

mustard barbecue and ranch it's thick it's saucy it doesn't smoke a smoking it's smoky it's tangy the bojangles special sauce on their website it says bose special sauce is our signature creamy roasted red pepper sauce that'll have you yelling it's bow time for the time you dipped that

first chicken supreme now you know how we feel about bojangles we are partial to it we love love some bow i gotta say though if i had to rank all the things that bojangles offers on their menu this sauce would be towards the bottom if not the worst

thing at bojangles for me it's the horseradish is just distracting and it's it's it's um it's it's a dividing taste you know everyone doesn't let the chicken sing you want your chicken to sing oh bow time nope nope you don't want that you wanted to sing eat me

because it's about the chicken it's about the non-distracting chicken so i hate it i hate it bojangles but we are gonna give you the cluck chuck give it to it oh there it is all right i'm gonna really enjoy it you can do it really really focused really

focused nope didn't work you didn't open that chick-fil-a chick-fil-a sauce all right now we got popeye's blackened ranch versus dairy queen's country gravy dairy queen got country great we'll get that out in a second let's start over here their blackened ranch is popeye's traditional buttermilk ranch dressing and

then mixes in onion garlic and a blend of peppers and blackened seasoning mmm that's weird it's good i mean it's very peppery i'm tasting something familiar i've never had this but i've had something to almost go a little bit too far with the blackening i kind of feel

like but let's just talk about the fact that while i wasn't paying attention while i was sleeping on dairy queen they went out and developed gravy did you know about this no i did not and i i mean i'll have some white gravy on a biscuit with some

sausage in the gravy and i'll have it like on a country fried steak but i've never had it on country fried chicken well tell me what you think about it right now because i think it should be a thing it's a bold choice to just serve gravy for

dipping it's a little bland though i think with the with popeye's ranch sauce i'm it's starting to make me think of zack's pizza sauce which didn't make our tournament i'm really missing it zach's bee's that's a that's a good sauce i'm voting for this i love it well

i'm not voting for it i'm voting for the gravy we're gonna have to have a tender tug of war that's the only way to break a tie around here we slapped the paddies yesterday today is this a good one yep so you can't grab more than the other

man you like got your thumb all the way okay let's just pull grab everybody everybody that's me and you everybody just go a little bit further away okay okay three two one pull well okay see i won yeah because you picked a tender and you grabbed it first

well here pick another tender best two out of three three two one go all right see i won that one so now we're tied now now we're gonna eat now we both i'll do it blindfolded all right and you pull it all right and mine's a little bit

bigger it comes down to that that was fair gravy moves on and i'm not really complaining and that means that the blackened ranch sauce gets the sauce toss what in the world you threw the wrong direction we got a new series over on the mythical kitchen channel from

josh where he brings food from the past to life we call it past food go check out the new episode on the mythical kitchen channel all right in our third preliminary battle we've got kfc's finger licking good sauce versus church's chicken honey mustard it's just honey mustard right

well it must be special don't speak too soon this kfc i'm warning you it's got some worcestershire ketchup and mayo based sauce with pickle juice mustard extra sugar and white wine really you had to do that kfc white wine you didn't have to do that it tastes a

lot better than what i thought after reading those ingredients it's pretty pickly pickling and sweet extra sugar that's the wine it's got that pickled sourness to it but can i just say how undistracting this chicken is congratulations to you ihop your chicken is not notable i mean it's

good but it's not bad the church yeah it's fine the church's honey mustard is a secret recipe is it special though a lot of honey as a child i didn't like honey mustard and then i saw so many opportunities for honey mustard honey mustard would be on things

that i didn't even ask for it on and i was like i need to make myself like honey mustard and i did it's one of my greatest accomplishments in life i'm i'm continually proud of you for it as far as honey mustard sauces go this is some of

the best i mean it's it's a honey punch and a mustard punch it's like both were dialed up and they didn't cancel each other out it was just like more pungent um but it is still honey mustard and this is very unique hey and did you hear this

it has white wine in it i like this better it reminds me of the zaxby sauce um which would have been my winner i think so uh yeah i'm voting for that too let's give this a cluck chuck can i do this yeah you can you can do

it one of us is going to make it before this is over ah that wasn't bad that was close kfc's finger looking good i think you're looking good sauce moves on now we got raisin cane's cane's sauce versus wendy's side of sauce some sauce yes the official name

is side of salsa sauce not just sausage it's not the main dish number seven now raising canes was brought to our attention we actually didn't know about it until post malone came here and said that he it was his favorite chicken uh and he didn't ask us to

get it we got popeyes instead because it's so far away uh but this is the first time i've ever had anything from raising canes including their sauce we're still in that zaxby sauce territory that's the only thing i have to compare it to a little bit of the

popeyes but mostly what we experienced in the last round you know an employee that was recently fired from raising canes tweeted out the recipe of this after they were fired really said it was very simply a half cup mayo a fourth cup ketchup a half teaspoon garlic salt

a quarter teaspoon worcestershire a half teaspoon black pepper to taste it's really good this awesome sauce we had it on the burger we were critical i said at the time it seems like more of a fry sauce now it's coming home to roost what is that it's something

that i don't like it's almost like ketchup it's just like straight up something is too sweet in here that doesn't have enough bite it's like a the barbecue sauce at wendy's is weird and i think that's what they're putting in this because it's ranch dressing barbecue hot sauce

honey mustard and worcestershire basically that's not familiar taste and i don't like that barbecue sauce either yep that's the problem uh chuck it man how come you get to do it twice in a row because you told me to ah alright first semi-finals we've got uh the chick-fil-a

sauce versus the dairy queen gravy yeah i mean i mean there's much of a competition here i am as impressed as i am by you dairy queen taking the risk on some gravy hopping on that gravy train while nobody was looking yeah and no one else is doing

it before or after that should tell you something we need to chuck this cluck man i still like it get the gravy out of here i still like it but it's not chick-fil-a sauce i'm gonna make this make it count right yeah yeah chick-fil-a sauce moving on this

is going to be a tough matchup because these are trying to do the same thing kfc fingers looking good sauce versus raising cane i'm gonna have to go for a for a total face-off here they're they're the same color i usually don't pay attention to the color when

i'm eating the kfc one has like a bit of an oily kind of thing happening tasting them side by side which one is this raisin canes it's thicker better i think significantly better you know what it is this has white wine and i think that's the that's one

of the problems it's a little more runny and it's just it has a salad dressing kind of thing happening this has got a kick yeah it tastes like something you could just make at home if we follow that recipe that person tweeted kfc you got to get the

cluck out of here you're gonna make it link it all comes down to this chick-fil-a versus raising cane who's going to come out you know what i've been looking for chicken tenders yeah i'm growing a little weary of the tender it's very syrupy it's good it's super simple

though like you can't it looks totally uniform you can't see anything in it this looks like your grandma may have mixed it up you know what i'm saying i wonder if they make it in the store because of the type of container it's in or if they just

it out how would the employee know the recipe if they didn't make it at the store good point man ma'am this is not easy they both really prop up the chicken well i mean it's just a container do it did you just what was that english it it

wasn't my brain [Music] that's what it sounded like to me chicken boo boo that's what i actually said i mean it can make this chicken taste good that's what i was trying to do i think we're gonna have to do a three two one one of these has

got to get the cluck chopped yeah okay this is not easy all right ready three two one oh no really something about that last bite did it for me again i just started realizing how much i liked it all right i don't care if you're grounded close your

eyes and grab that it all comes down to an unsatisfying chicken finger pull did you get one all right flip it and three two one pull all right hold it up mine's longer your mind's wider yeah what's more important i think we're going to be i think we're

going you don't know i don't know i think we're we're going with longer and you know what it was so close i feel okay with it i just feel bad about cluck chucking the cane sauce but maybe i'll feel better really good if i hit the basket you

can do it like you always miss exactly in that same place chick-fil-a congratulations you are the best chicken tender dipping sauce or nicole this is for you i'll call it chicken tendees there we go i just do that thanks thanks for subscribing and dipping that tindy you know

what time it is the ultimate chicken sandwich showdown the family knows what's up yeah they're like just get to the chicken please click the top link to watch us try to guess the punch line to terrible chicken jokes and good mythical more and to find out where the

willamette castle is gonna land all the best tasting sauces on earth are just some sort of pink or orange mayonnaise everyone's like i'm from utah and fry sauce my favorite no wake up sheeple it's just you're eating orange pink mayonnaise

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