April 12, 2021

Work From Home Office Tour – Workspace + Desk Update 2020

A good workspace reflects yourpersonality, is streamlined for the work you do, and is so comfortable you maynever want to leave.

Hi, I'm Matthew Encina.

In this video, I'll take you througha tour of my workspace and the updates I've made to work from home.

If youhaven't seen it yet, you might want to check out my previous set up from lastyear to see how I originally designed this space from scratch.

In the past fewmonths I've spent more time working from home.

Doing video calls.

Creating content.

Thinking, reading, and writing.

So I've had to find ways for my home office toevolve with me and support the work I do in it.

Over the year I've purchased newequipment to help me do my work.

My room wasn't getting any bigger so Ihad to take advantage of the vertical space in it.

So I took down the shelf Ipreviously installed and looked for options that would expand my storagespace.

I took a trip to IKEA and purchased this Besta TV unit to mount above mydesk, Obviously, it wasn't designed to be used this way, so installing this unitwas pretty difficult to do on my own.

I had to get a little inventive to keep itleveled and held in place for me to screw into the walls.

I don't recommendinstalling it alone, but I was too impatient to wait for my wife to comehome from work, to help me.

Once the storage unit was installed I filled itwith all of my camera gear, small tripods, and a few miscellaneous desktopaccessories that I only take out on occasion.

I like the simple aesthetic andthe fact that it had doors to hide any visible clutter.

For my desk, I'm stillusing the same custom-built IKEA countertop with Alex drawer combination.

The massive oak desk has held up very well, and gives me so much room to workon.

In the drawers, I store extra computer peripherals, cables, and hard drives.

On my desktop, I've made a few upgrades to the hardware I use.

At the heart of mysetup is the new 16 inch MacBook Pro which is maxed out to handle theheaviest things I throw at it.

The most impressive thing on it is thebuilt-in 8 terabytes solid-state drive which is a massive amount of space tohold all of my active projects.

To dock my MacBook Pro I use a vertical standdesigned by 12 South to save space on my desk.

I connect it to my monitor andperipherals using this small hub hidden behind the monitor, which is held inplace with 3M Command Strips.

For my audio I use a set of Bluetooth Audioengine speakers which are connected to both my Mac and PC.

They deliver a richbeautiful sound for me to monitor the audio of my edits or to listen topeaceful music in the background while I work.

Previously I used the MX Craftkeyboard and MX2 mouse, which I loved, but the fine folks at Logitech gave me afree upgrade to their latest, and I couldn't say no.

These are just slightimprovements from the previous generation.

The next thing I updated wasmy monitor setup.

Based on a few of the suggestions I received on my previousvideo, I decided to install an adjustable monitor arm to create a little morespace on my desktop.

The setup allows the monitor to move forward and back, rotated 90 degrees for a vertical setup, and can be angled in different directions.

Because the monitor arm is so sturdy, I found it useful to mount other deviceson it as well.

You'll see how throughout the video.

One thing I didn't have in mysetup previously was decent lighting.

So I installed several lights in myspace.

Starting with a set of Philips Hue Play Lights behind my monitor, for greatbias lighting to reduce my eye strain for when I work.

Because these lightshave a full RGB spectrum they also allow me to change the practical lighting inmy space.

This gives me different backgrounds when I'm recording content.

All of which I can control from the app on my phone.

Since I do a lot of video calls fromhome, quality is very important to the people I connect with.

To level up mysetup I use this Magewell adapter which allows me to use my DSLR camera as awebcam.

It converts the HDMI output from the camera into a USB signal for mylaptop to read.

To mount my DSLR camera I added another monitor arm and modifiedit to hold a tripod extender with a ball head on top.

I learned this hack from Caleb Pike which I'll leave a link to in thedescription below.

To capture my voice I have a Rodemicrophone at the end of an articulate arm, which I position a few inches awayfrom my mouth.

This is connected to my laptop using this TRRS splitter toseparate my mic and headphone jack.

This setup gives me a beautiful looking soundand picture on conference calls.

When not in use, the camera slides off the mountthe tripod extender retracts down and out of sight.

Everything is put away in my storage unit overhead and on my pegboard, whichholds my most commonly used cables and adapters.

One thing I was missing from my setup was a filing cabinet for my documents.

I was looking for a solutionthat would fit my space and match the white and wood aesthetic of my office.

Luckily my friends over at Ergonofis came to the rescue and sent me theirNeat Filing Cabinet.

The configuration I got has a beautiful solid maple woodface with white details.

I use this to store all of my important paperdocuments for taxes, health, and home.

The Neat Filing Cabinet sits on casters so Ican roll it out of the way if I need more space to access my closet.

When it comes to styling the space I made a few changes to give my office afresh look.

The left side of my desk was feeling a little bare so I wanted tobalance things out.

I installed a few of these steel shelves on my wall todisplay a few of my books as well as a collection of vintage cameras Ipurchased over the years.

I also utilized the top of the storage unit to hold afew more cameras and a few magazines I've been referencing recently.

To theright of my desk, I updated the artwork to better match the look of the space.

Onthe other side of my office it hasn't changed much since I originally designedit.

It's still the home of my collectibles, books, and records.

Andthat's my updated workspace.

I expect it to continue to evolve as I work more inthis space or feel the need for a little refresh.

If you're interested in anythingyou see in the video, I've left links for everything in thedescription.

I'm considering making a separate video about my organizationsystems for all of my tools and gear.

Let me know in the comments if that'ssomething you're interested in.

If you have any other suggestions for videosyou'd like to see from me let me know in the comments below.

And if you have anyquestions, ask them and I'll do my best to answer.

With that out of the way it'stime to get back to work.


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